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Cain Velasquez wants UFC Phoenix to lose an accident in danger: & # 39; my knees out on me & # 39;

Most believed that Cain Velasquez was ruined by some incredible: a & # 39; injured buck.

After a 30-month competition from the competition, Velasquez was again defeated at UFC Phoenix's main event on Sunday against Francis Ngannou just 26 seconds. The end came when Velasquez tried to do a bit with Ngannou and the French replied sadly with some fire points near. Velasquez fell to a watt, and then turned into the front, and apparently he did not; he could defend himself while the Jason Herzog charge had gone in to call it.

Sálasquez allowed to fight for a problem after stopping him and his left knee was likely to be released. He demonstrated how much the pressure of the fight was after night, and explains in detail when the injuries occurred and how bad the product was.

"I can not believe that that has happened," said Velasquez. "Getting a big camp to come in, in fact, all that I have said, how strong my sensation was all true . I came in, I was a great feeling outdoors, calmly, and then taking the same step I did with my left leg. I just had a & # 39; feeling something pop and then when I tried to take another step, he took me out. My knees gave me out, I can not even believe that happened.

"Getting into 100% healthy, 100 per cent ready and just for giving this disaster, I can not even believe it. It's just hard. That's fun, and That's what we do. That's not the case sometimes. It's just very unhappy because the fire is on me strong, stronger than ever before. In camp, big camp, camp good. And then this is happening. "

Velasquez suggested that his / her handheld or MCL could be damaged, although further investigation is required. It was a feeling that it was inside it in the left leg while it was & # 39; as he advanced and then when he tried to move away again, it was when he got out. Making worst cases for Velasquez, as long as as he knew, he had no previous issues with his left knee.

When the border is checked, at least one of the Ngannou serviced machines appears to be cleaned and Velasquez was asked how much Ngannou's power gave him to a & # 39; border and how big it was because of her wound.

"He was just on his knee, he did not even like me, please tell me, you know?" Velasquez said. "He was just on his knee, as soon as I saw his knee just a bucket, it was because I could not believe what happened. And then that was."

"Entering for her leg, I felt he had finished my club behind her, but it did not work at all," follow Velasquez. "None of the pieces did not affect me or did anything for myself where I felt it was unfair or anything. Just get into it Inside and just something that happened to my maid. "

Velasquez failed to blame Ngannou to enter for killing, or Herzog for a quick stop. If there was anything, it seemed like it was a disappointment in the body to betray it once more.

"It was OK because the word was seeing my mouth's mouth." Velasquez said. "The result of my knee bucket has seen. Its job is to ensure that we are 100 percent safe and did it. Even for me, just for the process of that process, even after that – The comment made the correct job, he did the right work tonight. "

"I have great respect [Ngannou] – Many campaigners have a great deal of respect, that's just like I – Ron the fight, much respect, but I'm going to kill it, "Velasquez continued." After the fight, there is much respect, especially to him as a person, as a rival.

"Hit me tonight tonight."

Velasquez can not talk about how bad & # 39; It was hurt or was unable to make a timetable for the next bout. When asked if this was his last fight, Velasquez said he would stop it but when he felt "he could not be better" and that was not "What happened to this camp." The 36- UFC has already had two major positions, although it has now won one of the last three pits that go back to June 2015.

The word for Velasquez in describing Sunday's fighting was "unhappy", because he was in a position; ending, as Velasquez had a good feeling at home at Octagon.

"We'll see what happens to happen," said Velasquez. "Again, knowing what I did in the past three years and two months, preparing for this camp, I was ready to finish. Well prepared. I was a quiet feeling there, as the Octagon was the place I wanted to be and I was feeling good. It was a good feeling & # 39 : come back. He had a good feeling with him.

"And then the cloudy accident with a knee just stretches out. It just stops it, but we get everything out. The fire still remains strong and I think I have a lot to prove and I'm very keen to do that. "

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