Canucks Extra: Survival receive a prize and Baertschi visits

The Canucks will be able to tell Jacob Markstrom, again for their 3-2 star over the stars.

Mobile movements with Sven Baertschi as he described his first-time goal on Saturday tell them his own story.

He sure he wanted to emphasize how his eyes received him by opening a gap on John Klingberg's fierce conflict – his fingers stretching out of a series of closed hands. T as if it were a fireplace – but he spoke it happily as he had visited.

We all know on our own how hard this season is. We all have things to do. Sometimes these things are removed from us, that is a life-expectation or a work or an object.

As outside, it can be difficult to point around what those athletes do, play sports, really. For most of us, sport is a project adjacent to the rest of our lives. It's something that we meet around the family, around work, around the school, around friends.

For professional athletes, this is it. They spend most of the time just trying to be better. They're often unaware, I am sure, also making time trying to put the idea at risk that it would impact on something that they cannot pass.

For Baertschi, the last six weeks have been about being healthy enough to survive and then healthy enough to play.

His return today was just about relief, which said that he had been evacuated, which was looking to end his appointments.

There was also, of course, a need to ensure that it did its best for: hockey hockey at primary level.

“I'm delighted with the way I am in the competition,” said Baertschi after the match. “I take everything seriously, trying to get everything out there.” T

Getting a visit like this rained on the cake, but also a sign that it's still getting it.

"That play was a lot of stream," he said about the sequence, which was started by Brock Boeser and taking the pitch of a pup in the neo-arched field and the puck jumping up onto the stars of the stars , although it was a play. it was probably that they were going back to the end of Canucks.

“I was worried that the sack was coming back,” said Baertschi. He was playing at a distance to the tables near the Blue Stars line. But the puck traveled to the whole place, letting him hit the ice into the ice and let the Stars defend the defense of Klingberg to find a good defensive area.

Klingberg was unable to cut the outside row.

And that is when, in his version of the story, he does that by Baertschi.

“When the eyes are very clear as progress,” he said, making a wide-ranging presentation in his face and hands.

Elias Pettersson was striking down on the left as searching for Baertschi a vacant spot behind Klingberg on the right, looking down Anton Khubodin.

“I looked at Petey and I looked at the goalie and I saw the five holes away.” T

Simple, indeed.

Markstrom the Magnificent

It is said that this season seems too much for this season as Jacob Markstrom.

Often time because, in fact, you will often not want your game to be similar to a story like this.

But as I said in my game story, the Canucks have announced two or fewer visits in the management of this season.

That is a difficult way to look for a win.

Markstrom's strong game has led him into the hunting, where a NHL visit doesn't do anything near the same number of stacks as he does.

You can see why chapter Vancouver of the Professional Hockey Association is named for the Masterton Award for its loyalty to hockey.

“It's good to get to know… but when a visitor gets (name) you get a lot of help from your team,” he said.

Spooner case

Ryan Spooner has been receiving two nice games in a series. He has created several conservation opportunities for his competitions by passing.

Much remains to be done to ensure that it is properly separated from the other other depths; a few targets in the last three games of the season would help the situation.

His play has taken the form of a coach.

“In the past I think that consistency has been a problem. We try to talk to him through some things, ”Green said. “It's amazing how you can play if you are working and going through hard and fast, and it's quick to go with it.” T

“These last two games have been tough.” T

Did the Russians change from the nyet to Nichushkin?

What happened to this man?

There was a movement where he lost three of the puppies and then drove the bull out without accident.

He has an aim of zero for the year. Yes, no, I don't.

I couldn't believe it when I heard Iain MacIntyre say that he is close to me in the news box.

But there, that's a lot of fat.

The man got 14 as a 18-year-old.

It was noted that the 2013 draft version had gone too low, and that the Canucks should be taken over from the previously elected Bo Horvat.

Seated back

Most teams cannot sit back and try to protect the lead.

Track teams are going to come hard – that's given – but you can't just shut down everything.

Jay Beagle was delighted that his team won but he acknowledged that it was not a safe route.

'Not because we wanted to take the third tour. We have to learn to lock it down and make our target easier, ”he said.

“In third place we need to find out how we continue to play on our toes. ”

So, was the ice more upset? I asked.

“I think it's not just sitting back. I think twins were sometimes caught on our heels and it just gives them half. ”


It comes to be like that. Swedish reporters Tobias Lindberg were prescribed to ask Swedish players as they get through the town; it's big in Sweden.

He will get a big answer.

Here is a little story from Farhan.

The saying about the night

I asked Markstrom how a visitor prepares for shooting: you have just played 65 minutes of tight hockey, now he is one-to-one.

“The game is not over; you don't really feel. You settle, take your breath, ”he said.

“You get time, drink some water, re-establish. You don't know who they are throwing you on. "

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