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Challenges talk out as a York school board trustee who has a " fight

Demonstrators were very involved in the Aurora guest house where honor was sent to the trustee, Elizabeth Terrell-Tracey, the York District School Board, Monday afternoon.

Terrell-Tracey returned a dispute storm when an opinion posted from her account during the election campaign took into account her birthplace, Lena Singh.

"I'd like to tell people … just like that you know … Ms. Singh was born in Guyana," the job is reading. "You're supporting someone who was not born in Canada."

The campaigners, one who carried Guyanese banner, filling in front of the hospital to say Terrell-Tracey had not called him a step down.

Elizabeth Terrell-Tracey was selected as the YRDSB trustee for Ear Gwillimbury and Whitchurch-Stouffville on October 22. (Darek Zdzienicki / CBC)

"I do not want my children to be in the same school as … I do not want them around her lap," said parent Julie Stevens.

He dismissed Terrell-Tracey, and was re-considered

Terrell-Tracey has made an apology for the post but also says that she had suffered a Facebook error.

Her account also had sent a private message to a community member who supported her enemy, saying "there is a crime in Guyana … she's born there."

After the ideas came light, Terrell-Tracey was retired as a trustee, but subsequently was reconsidered afterwards.

Despite identifying last month that the Terrell-Tracey election had lost its confidence; public protection in the table, the YRDSB said there is no way to get it down.

Elizabeth Terrell-Tracey left an idea in the Whitchurch-Stouffville Facebook group. (Arnold Neufeldt-Fast)

In Aurora's auditor, Stevens called on her table to lobby her & her; most to amend the Education Act to extend the code of conduct to select the trustee.

After that, Corrie McBain's chairman addressed the room, saying, although the board "strongly opposed the views," she was "confident in Our media to protect … fairness and inclusion. "

History & # 39; of faith

Charline Grant was also present on Monday night. The trustee of Nancy Elgie "n-word" was written; on the Inventory.

"This table has a history of getting racial trustees," Grant said. "What's happening here is unhappy."

"We're not going to stop until Lizzy is missing," said the York party, the parent Charline Grant, mentions Terrell-Tracey. (CBC)

In a subsequent review with his / her division following Elgie's opinion to prove that the board was working under "fear of culture" and "systematic discrimination".

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