Charlie Cox will scratch the dared end of Daredevil

Charlie Cox will break his silence at the end of the brutal Daredevil

Disturbing Marvel's removal suddenly Daredevil Netflix has left many spectators, especially after the last spectacular season. However, the people involved in the project have been surprised at their case. subject. At least, until the show star, Charlie Cox, made a last and last step. Bringing her latest brutal ideas to one of Netflix's biggest shows in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"Many of us were expecting to keep going, and I really did" he told EW. "It is the truth, I felt that we had many stories to tell, and although I understand [the cancellation], I'm so sorry for that.

"Just as business works," he continued. "But too, these characters mean many people. It is odd to think that there is an opportunity for me to not play Matt Murdock again. That's a great feeling, because the a character without having been such a great part of my life for the past four years. "

Cox went on to describe how dear & # 39; he had been playing a & # 39; character, and even he has been a "dream work" because of the level of acting and physical skill.

The actor also spoke on season 4, which had already been talking about when season 3 ended. Indeed, according to EW, writers had already begun to set the working for the next magic at Daredevil; Ideas Cox was very enjoyable to explore. However, he left me a & # 39; Talk about any information so that fans can not give hope for something that may not happen.

Instead, he finished it, if he asked to go to it; To play a character again, it would be ready to take the mask again.

"Oh my God, yes," he said. "I do not know how this would happen, but & # 39; Maybe one day we can build the bat and do it again. "

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