ARLINGTON, Texas – Michael Gallup's standing was surrounded by the Cowboys teams, including a football ball in the Dallas catchroom on Thursday after 31-23 won over the Washington Redskins.

Coach coach Jason Garrett was the largest guardian for the rock, Gallup and thanked partners who supported him in the four days since they had been in charge of the team. He learned that his brother Andrew had died by being killed.

Players listen quickly when Gallup explained he was happy.

"We are pleased to have won a prize and made it for his brother," said Cowboys Chidobe Awuzie's co-op. "His brother was overlooking us.

"That's definitely what football about: playing for others, giving reasons for playing. We had a reason for this game."

Gallup stayed in Atlanta after Dallas was winning Sunday near his own home to go to the city, laments the family. He returned to the Wednesday team, he took two members for 12 yards on Thursday and is now returning to Georgia for the funeral of Andrew Friday.

Staff were praying for Gallup families, texting words and support messages. The owner Jerry Jones was carrying his private plane to carry Gallup back and forth

The death of Dak Prescott, who lost his mother to cancer for five years ago, and in the Mississippi State, gave him a simple message to a catcher.

"Tell me that no one can tell him how he will get a feeling and that no one can tell him what to do," Prescott said. "Do what you think is right, do what your heart wants to do. Simply with that.

"You do not try to compare one problem to another. It is not in that situation. But I went through that and I had been through that, I did it. ; feeling it was important for me to tell him that he would see what you are thinking right for feeling. "

On Thursday, Gallup felt he had the right to appeal to his teams for a regional game of Thanksgiving. The Cowboys left the decision to him, and respected him what he was doing; Best regards for his family and love process. But Gallup was comforted because it was surrounded by team partners. His co-perennial ambassadors at the energy, dedication and compassion of the 22-year-old man who said they were "heroes" in opposition to disturbance

Gallup did not get to the media but made a "Thankful" tweet with crossing fingers and a picture.

"If you've been in football for a while, you'll begin to understand life, this is your center," said DeMarcus Lawrence, a guardian. "This is how you get through life.

"We just wanted to make sure that we know we are with himself and his family. He does not worry about it. We got his back all the way through this storm."

On Sunday after Dallas was released from Atlanta 22-19 to visit the second place, Jones told the statements that the catching room did not really benefit from learning pain- played by a player.

Jennifer Jones released his playoffs which he said he was "really proud" of the Cowboys.

"You would also, if you did what they did with Michael Gallup inside there (the cleaning room)," said Jones. "When you are young, there is a very difficult death to stay together.

"This team gathered around it in a great way … It's a real thing, which affects a minute as I was part of."

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