Councilors remember change & # 39; on which the mayor of Port Moody appeared

Days after the bailiff of Port Moody has been charged with one attack, a couple of officials have been elected by Metro Vancouver who describe a different event associated with a young woman.

Vancouver town councilor Melissa De Genova and Coquitlam town councilor Dennis Marsden say they can remember “switching” between Rob Vagramov and another delegate for an 2016 evening of B.C. Union session. Town conference.

Vagramov, who was then a 26-year-old town councilor, said “the best of luck and bad spirit” to the wife, De Genova.

Vancouver's adviser said the woman was upset and puts her hands on her, despite the women asking for her, but Vagramov went out.

De Genova said that you had left Marsden to try to separate the couple, as Vagramov followed his wife for two blocks.

“Again Vagramov put his hands on the women's arms and shoulder. At this time I tied myself between Vagramov and the woman so that he could remove her hands and her shoulders. Vagramov said he would only get it if he was able to speak to his wife, ”said De Genova in a statement, answering the questions from CTV News.

“I found that the conduct of Mayor Vagramov that night was inappropriate and inappropriate. It remains one of the most difficult situations I have encountered in my eight years as an elected officer, ”said De Genova.

Councilor Marsden agreed to the memory of De Genova that both of them tried to separate Vagramov and that his young wife continued as the mayor could go out outside the conference center.

“It was someone who had seen a great deal and wanted to disintegrate. But he went on, and that was the reason that I didn't abandon it. I said,, Back, she doesn't want to talk to you. "He went away without making a decision about that council and went on," said Marsden.

The two remembered that Vagramov had said that he would leave the woman alone if he could speak to her. De Genova remembered that the woman was in tears after the couple had spoken.

CTV News has come out to the woman in charge, as well as two other elected officers who have been told this has happened, but they have not replied to messages.

Vagramov did not respond to e-mails and telephone calls with questions about the UBCM event.

Thursday, Vagramov refused the attack on sex attack, which is associated with an incident in Coquitlam in 2015. He said he would give the chairman of the bailiff an absentee when he defended the court.

“The complaint is false… the story grew as it was told and I want to be quite clear. This complaint is false. I expect every step of the way to fight, including to fight for fame on the ongoing invasion of my character, ”he said on Thursday.

CTV News asked him if there were any other events or complaints he would need to defend.

“Nobody was,” he replied.

Spokesperson for the Union of B.C. The villages stated that no complaints were recorded that the same proper conduct was explained by the two councilors.

None of the charges have been tried at court.

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