Deep Earth Depot will begin to drill on a geo-powered energy project

Estevan – After almost ten years working on improving its & # 39; The concept of energetic hydropower, the Deep Earth Energy Energy (DEEP) Corp. is to produce a body; first hole south of Torquay, looking at the American border. A successful project will be set up; the first geometric power facility in Canada.

On November 8, the company, Kirsten Marcia's Director, sent a drive to her; piper and behaviors, expect full drill on the next week. By November 13 the drill was moved in, and the well was pulled on November 14.

That hole will be important, aiming to be deeper in Saskatchewan. It will exceed the two Aquistore reserves at 100 meters, to a total total depth of about 3,500 meters.

Marcia spoke to Pipe News on November 9.

DEEP was set up in 2010. It has been noted by its "amazing spurts", where they would move a long way, and if they left money. But in the past weeks, they received $ 4 million in new justice funding that allowed the company to start drilling. They have won a drill that works nearby, but they have a window of opportunity.

It is expected that the well will produce 25 days for drilling, far beyond the usual well in that area. That's partly because they're planning to & # 39; cutting a 200 meter of heart at the lower bottom, including cutting into the suburban base, which is influenced by the seductive beds.

"We hope we will take something in the primary level," she said. They aim to go up to 20 meters into the lower floor, as this will provide a necessary depth for the following logging machines to explore the whole colorful column.

Although Marcia, himself, a geologist who was sitting on wells, DEEP has been employed by John Lake, a well-known geologist of Saskatchewan once on her; Pipeline News cover, to sit on this well.

This hole is the first one of six, a & # 39; bending the way for three production wells and two injection fountains. The wells are to be placed between 300 and 500 meters apart.

This first well will be slightly smaller in a diameter, at 7 inches, right to its & # 39; bottom. The production sources will then be between 9-5/8 inches.

That is to handle the major pumps of electricity (ESPs) that will; terrible water movement, pulled from the Winnipeg and Deadwood rocks that make up the last 200 meters of the hole. Icebox creation, which overlooks the creation of Winnipeg, inside it, as it is at the Aquistore project, about 29km east.

Aquistore carries two-oxygen carbon from the Carbon Damage Unit 3 Crim Dam Dam Damage to deep, 3,400m deep deep salt, and two kilometers west of the power station. SIMPower, who has already contributed $ 1 million to the DEEP project, shared data with DEEP that it was from Aquistore.

Marcia noted that, in this case, the ice box works as heat heat for the purposes.

This source is an initial test of the resource, which must be & # 39; confirmation of ideas, she explained.

Marcia said that this well was "about a mile" from a very deep depth of likeness to Canadian Natural Resources Limited in the 1980s. This well was recorded with 95 C temperatures, but three days later, it recorded 126 C.

And that is why the area is so attractive, and why they are so deeply drilled. Marcia says that this is not a volcanic volcanic project, but especially in sedimentary basin. "The deeper you go, the one that gets out of the tea," said she, when the heat comes from the middle of the earth.

"This is a heat mining. The heat is the store. Water is the center to move the facility."

The plan is to drill its & # 39; This first well, and then complete it three weeks later to get the exact temperature. They flush the well for seven days, use it to full-purpose production wells. They will also try to determine the scratching of Mannville's creation for future well-established sources.

By the end of March, it is expected that the test will be fully reviewed. "If the first source provides enough information to prove a lender for representative sources, we will continue," said Marcia.

Then split up in spring in 2019, the plan is to be & # 39; going on with the sources of fruit and inherent, being drilled as "doubles."

However, the immigrant sources would not go up to the same depth as the representative sources, but to the much more Fanny Mannville format, which is often used for vacuum sources in the department. This first product may also be used as a injection device as well. This may be necessary to maintain pressure in the reservoir.

Each product effectively uses ESP that will attract one megawatt, about 1,340 empowers, of power. It is anticipated that the total power made by this project will be 10 megawatts, but after the power has been used from the pumps and the installation center, the power of loma will be five megawatts Will be tied in a replacing place at Bromhead.

Power Generation

The long-term section of the project is the power production facility itself.

The installation above will use its & # 39; Rankine organ circle. By using low-fat influenza fluid, the hot water drawn from a well-produced well will be; move to heat through heat exchanges, causing the move to move into gas (ie boil) and its & # 39; drive the wheel. A refrigerating tower is capable of cooling the fabric; back to the degradation level for reuse. Then the water is pumped down the in-stable sources.

This system is fairly similar in concept and scale to what is already happening at the Alliance Pipeline consonance stations, runs through Saskatchewan. These revitalizing plants were installed in Kerrobert, Loreburn, Estlin and Alameda in 2008, and each man extracts five megawatts of a net.

Indeed, it is the fact that the DEEP geothermal concept is to use the well-established and existing technology – a & # 39; making electricity production and in-power sources, using heat to operate Rankine's cycling power center – has become a problem in the & # 39; attracting funding, according to Marcia S Post-There was nothing new. But this was a new application of this technology; in sedimentary ocean, and in particular, Basin Williston, which makes it special

The project can increase duplication, she noted, but at some point, it could have a greater sense of feeling; represents a project rather than a & # 39; added. It's moving and over again.

The system will cool the water from 120 C to about 65 C, but that's still a & # 39; means that there is a lot of heat. Although its ambition is to create electricity, not cucumbers, it is sense that there is scope for the downstream of the waste heat for greenhouses or other applications

Everyone said, if things are going well, in two and a half years, Marcia said that he would They can empower solar, renewable energy, a basket that runs about 95 per cent of the time. It is called "The most renewable renewable," and said she could settle coal.

Marcia noted that they are using data, technology and oil field processes for the establishment of renewable resources and, without that, nobody would know that there is an active resource here.

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