Dennis Oland's murders' recall focuses on forensic evidence

Focus evidence of the focus is at Dennis Oland's second second dance dance contract, with the head of a special unit of Saint John's Police back on the witness's stand.

Sgt. Marc Mac a 'Ghobhainn sent a lot of the morning to go to her; describes the & # 39; process; Hard to gather evidence from the Richard Oland, the father of the accused, during the autopsy.

He and a forensic Const. Dave Macdonald was at St. John's Regional Hospital morgue for almost 12 hours on 8 July 2011, heard the courtroom.

They used a special light that makes a common sound sound to detect the body of the victims for any detective, such as hair and thread, and a packing style failure to collect 31 objects.

They caught hold of sheep between fingers of both Oland's hands, to dig and gut it; Beat a branch with a branch for a test for any DNA that may be killed by the person.

They also collected hair and blood samples, carefully writing on each step with pictures and notes, and # 39; looking at the showcases and recording them, Mac a 'Ghobhainn said.

It is a "very slow" procedure process, left no time for a breach, he said.

Then the officers removed Oland's clothing, which absorbed the sugar, the shirt, piece, belt, socks, shoes, subdivision and Rolex watch, and its; Investigating its bare body again using CrimeScope light before the psychologist started the autopsy.

Richard Oland, 69, was found dead in Saint John's office on 7 July 2011. (Canadian Jungle Association)

Suffering Richard Oland, 69, 45 injured a sharp and straightforward feature on his head, his neck and hands, the evidence of Dr. Ather Naseemuddin Tuesday.

The multimillionaire, who was found to look down in the blood bath in his office on the 7th of July 2011, had been living but "minutes" after attacking him, he said.

It has never been found.

The jury Dennis Oland found guilty of a murder of a second degree in December 2015, but the New Brunswick Appeal Court stopped the conviction and asked for a new test, announcing a mistake in his / her judge's directions about his & # 39; jury judge.

Oland, 50, is brought back by his own judge, without jury.

Dennis Oland, 50, has been free of charge, and has stayed at her; community under the terms of October 2016 when the Appeal Court stopped conviction and ordered a new lawsuit. (CBC)

Smith was confirmed on Thursday and Friday of the day of blood crime processing, originally scheduled to be back on Tuesday afternoon, but the procurator made his complaint. Crown P.J. Veniot advised the court that he was "under the weather."

His testimony was expected to go on to Wednesday afternoon, but he had a bit aggressive in the morning and Veniot said that there were concerns. keep on the bottom line but a & # 39; deteriorating state

The judge and the defense agreed that Smith should be convicted and reclaimed in the new year, once and then; he has gone back.

No other evidence was set up for the evening, and court sent out early and is expected to start Thursday at 9:30 a.m. with a certificate from a forensic toxicologist.

When Mac A 'Ghobhainn is called back, he is expected to be a provides an analysis of the accused of cars and other items for any blood evidence that binds him to killing his father.

Volkswagen Golf Homeland moved to and from 52 Canterbury St.'s father's office, on the afternoon of July 6, 2011, when he became the last-renowned person he saw alive.

The Crown stated that the Dennis Oland's brown sports jacket had been transported when he visited his father there were four blood ranges at night and DNA's; coincides with the image of his father.

On Tuesday, the protection left the theory that "deadly or killing" would be covered with blood.

"This was a very bloody situation about how the dead person met his death?" The defender defender Michael Lacy asked the geologist.

"I agreed," replied Naseemuddin.

Lacy suggested who the person would do to It is likely that there would be so much "substantial" blood "on the" army, armor, on and on the clothes. "

But before Naseemuddin could respond, the prosecutor sent her; Fronts against Jill Knee against him, arguing that he was outside the field of knowledge of the geologist, that is the reason, way and life of his death – not to spread blood on attack.

Lacy tac different. He asked if Naseemuddin was expecting great blood from the wounds. "Shaoilinn, tha," replied the archaeologist.

Lacy also asked Naseemuddin if the crime bloods showed that there was a great blood around her; body and spatter. "Yes, I see that."

It is expected that the recall, which commenced on November 21, will continue four months.

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