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DeRozan will receive provision in a new home with Spurs

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SAN ANTONIO – DeMar DeRozan is not sure exactly what should be expected when his old team visits his new team in one of the best games expected of the NBA session Thursday, and it's not alone.

For the first time since the voters of the players over the summer, the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs will be able to get the first time. battle, and even before they affect the 48 minutes of a basket basket that will be played, there are plenty of strong subplots so that the people of TNT – who broadcast their & # 39; national game in the United States – swoon.

How will Kawhi Leonard get the town he wants to escape? Does Will DeRozan have the opportunity to meet the & # 39; company related to All-Star and its best friend, Kyle Lowry, who is recorded as a seriously injured problem? And what the collection is going to be like the long-term Guardian of the Generators, who was not very happy with the E- think to move from Canada to Texas?

"I do not feel it's going to be a emotional game, but that's right now," said DeRozan from the Spurs center after work on Wednesday's team morning. "I have never thought about it. I do not know. It's probably a question that you have to ask me later."

When DeRozan spoke to the reporters at the minicamp of the US Basketball in Las Vegas back at the end of July, just a week after trading, He agreed that it would be a game that would be circulated to his calendar. Now, on the first night, it's a & # 39; including that it's another game.

Indeed, the interconnected months have been resting for 29 years.

On the evening of July 17, DeRozan received a call from President Masai Ujiri's Raptors. Ujiri was in Africa, stretching outside the hotel room while & # 39; Her family was sleeping. DeRozan was just going to go into a movie theater. He agreed that he would return to Ujiri when he went out of the theater. Ujiri was always for a few hours before DeRozan finally re-connected and relayed news about life. It was otherwise.

In particular, DeRozan spent the next hour sitting in her; his car in a Jack in the Box restaurant parking car, trying to get into his new truth, and his / her. failed. He did not want to leave the Raptors, the only NBA group he knew. He did not want to be a Spur. He thought he was inspired.

Months later, some of these wounds are still cure, and may not be, but many of them. DeRozan has moved forward, in part at least because he has no choice but converting the page, but also because he has found it in his new home.

When DeRozan finally arrived in San Antonio, the Spurs had been feeling he wanted. Gregg Popovich sent a feeling he wanted.

"There is no doubt that he was injured and a bit angry, but that anyone would consider the whole situation," said the amazing Spurs football. "But he got over, as all of us need to overcome the possibilities of happening in our lives. No one can walk during this life [without] Negative things happened to them. He understands that as well as anyone. We talked about it, certainly, but it worked very well because it's already so advanced. That was never a big issue. "

Almost half-way through his first season with the Spurs, DeRozan has not lost a blow. It gives 22.9 points an opportunity, just like the Raptors with the past season, to accompany 5.9 reagents and 6.3 support. It's all left but the thumbnail was left, trying to do just 1.1 each competition after a senior post of 3.6 last year, but it's a? Burning an incredible 48 per cent from the field – its highest mark from its huge campaign.

He did not have long been feeling comfortable with refinishing a well-known role as his team's screwdriver. He remembers one of his first practices with the Spurs in a training camp, when Pop & out to find it too hard. From there, it does not have a problem.

His position is similar, but also works as a main member. treated more than ever before. Le Dejounte Murray gets pre-seasoned, DeRozan has often worked as the de facto protection on the floor. It has been an uninterrupted transition, due to its year-on-year development as a traveler and registrar, and has become a fascinating wonder for Pop and many of the new peers at DeRozan.

"It's been good," said Patty Mills, a long spurs. "He has been a professional professional about coming to a new team. You had to remember that he was only one team and so everything he knew was one way. After entering a new system, a new town, a new group and a professional that it is always opening for me and I am sure that many of the partners else. "

"It came to the location and what it remembers me from the first days in the athletics it was so willing and passing the member around the athlete. That's a good way to get started and get involved and get trust with your new peers. I enjoyed getting it, I enjoyed being enjoying playing with it & # 39 , court and I think it's really good. But out of the court too, it's a quiet man, especially just a wild competition so it's done Well done to date in this system and we are still growing. "

The Spurs are coming into the game of Thursday when they won 10 of their final 13 competitions. Still, they are just 21-17 on the season, almost not hanging on the eighth place where the conference will be held in a full European conference. It's quite a bit from Spurs level, which DeRozan has already accepted. In his nine quarters with the Boats, he was part of a regular construction – his construction; mailbox and a new situation situation each year. Now, it marks the five competition notices that hang in the Spurs center. He knows that's the expectation, even if it's not particularly reasonable for this Spurs team.

It also looks up a team of Raptors team that is Manages the NBA with 28 winners and starts to start in DeRozan's time. There is no animation on his. He does not fight against Leonard, who set up 45 senior career points on New Year's Day; New, just 12 months after setting up its own life marker with 52 points. It also maintains recordings on the partners that have been; and he is proud of their growth and success, and that is Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet.

He has not yet talked to Ujiri since this amazing night in July, but it's not quite unusual. Would you expect them to change Christmas cards or # 39; conversation on Skype?

Things did not deal just according to their plan, but DeRozan has already experienced enough experience in their lives in order to know that life is not always at all; follow your plan. This was a reminder, and not a man that he is producing. There is a lesson here, both professionally and personally, that he intends to accept it.

"[I’ve] always placed in the most difficult places, always counted, the doubt in a normal way, "said Compton, Calif., native." I had to be a & # 39; fight through stigma than I had put on – I can not do this, I can not do this. He was always something and I had to fight through it. For me to be in a whole new situation, we'll continue to & # 39; show that I can be better and do not let me keep something up or slimmer, it's something that is always in my backbone, just to be steady. "

"My mind is up to at least who's in this business, and being equal in life too, you need to be ready for anything and let's not let down. He only gave me this lesson but a court, but also life lessons. "

DeRozan, an emotional person with nature, and not just for a professional athlete, and so it's hard to believe he will not have at least a bit different when he goes to court on Thursday and a & # 39; See his previous team. Surely, the first time back to Toronto on February 22 – and the fantastic welcome he gets from home fans – one of them who stands out in his memory. However, maybe he will spend a night on Thursday afternoon. It has never been against a previous team, but only a man with a shared history. Find DeRozan's new home, but the Boats always have a special place in the heart.

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