Nicki Minaj has caught a big deal in the last two weeks after he told who she was new. Internet Sleuths quickly revealed that Kenny Petty is a sex-registered crime and has previously been convicted of a man to kill. Although Nicki complained of her, Blast got a detailed account of the victim about the incident and is very awesome.

Court documents show the victim's account in the crisis of the Petty Petty since 1994. The 16-year-old victim explained to the police that he had been stolen before convicted. The victim said to the police that Petty had a " came close to her back in Queens, NY before putting a "hard hard" thing on her back and "making a sound" "click." The victim, sure he was a handgun, gave him a guide when he asked her to "keep walking".

She said that she brought her out of the street and she dropped her in a bedroom upstairs with her gun still saying she was back. She says that he stressed the roof on the side and pushed her and her face. leaving her throat causing her to keep up her pussies and pain "before pushing her" into her barrel.

The victim said she tried to leave the scene, but Petty drew a knife, put her stomach up and told her she was "unable to leave." She said she escaped after Petty was installed by a plastic bottle.

Police said he had been arrested when they went home, asking "what I'm arrested for" and saying he did not do anything. "He later said he slept with the girl before.

Petty was convicted of attempting to act assault in the first step after going to a & # 39; removal of a case. He served four years behind bars and is currently recorded as a sexual offense.