Did Mrs. Diana have a business with JFK Jr.?

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The short and difficult life of her late Diana Princess has been interested worldwide for years.

She married Princess Charles in 1981 but the two were separated in 1992. Years later, Princess of Wales Panorama explosion interview about marriage and very religious. She and Charles were officially separated in 1996 but the skipper did not stop her and she did not stop her from day to day. Years after his death, there are still facts that fight men than life. One fact that is becoming increasingly frequent online is the only thing about what was being done; Thinking she was with her son by President John Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr.

We explain the story behind him and what Diana's old butcher said about it. But first, try to get into the truth that she was working with another famous face, singer Bryan Adams.

Mrs. Diana was romantically connected to Bryan Adams

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This story came from Adams' grandmother's lover and who was the girl Cecilie Thomsen's Bond, who gave her a date on the crew for a number of years and says she knew about her lover along with Diana.

He was widely believed that Adams's "Diana" song was about her princess and in 2014, Thomsen gave these words again when she said she had a friend's relationship.

"I knew Diana had a relationship with Bryan," said the Danish actor to the Daily Mail. "Bryan knew Paul Burrell [Diana’s former Butler] Very good and Paul was part of the inner circle around Bryan, and also gave him to Diana. The first time Bryan met Diana Cha d '#; I was invited. It was a stormy relationship; on us and Bryan did not make Diana easier. "

In 2018, Adams appeared Look at what's going on and was added to the host of the show, Andy Cohen, if he was really involved with the king and would go into Kensington Palace.

"I did not allow me to be in, I'd just go up," said the artist "Summer 69", saying they were not just "big friends". When Cohen put on her & # 39; They suggested they were friends with benefits, Adams said they were "good friends."

Did Diana have a relationship with JFK Jr.?

John F. Kennedy Jr. John F. Kennedy Jr. | File Photo by Diane Freed

Diana was "enthusiastic fling" by JFK Jr. This application was first made by Simone Simmons, an energy-keeper of his & her; princess.

Simmons said that Diana met a president's son in 1995 and told her about her "loyal loyal".

"We started talking, one thing took another – and we finished in the bed together. It was a real chemistry," said Simmons that Diana was saying to her.

However, after the Princess of Wales's butler, Burrell, heard about the Simmons bids, he gave them a "weird".

"Simone has put the eyebrows of herbs and bats into a pot and put an extraordinary story of a great deal that looks like the wonderful rubbish she'd eaten her princess, "Burrell wrote in The Daily Mirror. "We should not believe that the autobiography is not realistic, without the help of Simone that his princess had a connection to JFK Jr. This is a very anti- lucky. "

Mrs. Diana died after a car accident in Paris in 1997. Kennedy Jr. was killed when an airplane came; exploring the Massachusetts coast in 1999.

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