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Did PlayStation Just Tease Play for PS5 for the first time?


We know that Sony and Microsoft are both working on regeneration systems, but they have not yet officially published anything, and those that have previously been quite tight on the PS5.

Despite this, some PlayStation fans have a & # 39; think Sony may have just put PS5 for the first time.

This week, Sony Interactive Entertainment released PS4 theme free of charge for a large number of PlayStation users.

"We wanted to thank you, the PlayStation community, for 2018 glorious," Sony wrote at the time. "Together we have started new trips, struggling with a heroic struggle, and we saved the world. It is the power of play that brings us together."

But what does this PS4 free topic do in PS5 settings? Well, according to some, it is in the subject that said tease is hidden.

The search was made by Mike Peterson on Twitter, which indicates the "S" in "Vacation" and the "S" in the PlayStation are different. More specific, although the old look is similar to your S, it does not seem like S, but 5.

Is this great for PS5? I do not know. Peterson is exactly as he watches: that's 5 not in "PlayStation." And what else could this be a matter if the PS5 did not exist? Some have shown that this is the 5th holiday season for PS4, but this is not true, it is the 6th. So, that simple definition is out on the window. And that is the only other explanation that was given. In other words, this is likely to be the first time; of PS5, and a very simple one on that.

Whatever a & # 39; In fact, we hope 2015 only has more rescues and facts and reports on PS5, but a little bit of concrete information. But since the system is not released until 2020, it may not appear next year. After all, the PS4 was published and delivered in the same year.

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