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OAKLAND, Calif. – They got money for money. It's a long way to travel in the Range; Bay, so you may get full knowledge of Golden State Warriors.

Last season of cycling season; to a place in his last season and has been a glimpse of unfinished black nights in Toronto, unemployed here since 2004.

While a game pre-game, converting the sound into a sound that is part of the Oracle Arena lovin, the public sailing convener thought that Golden State would be a " seeking revenge for winning the Raptors in Toronto the month back when Warriors played Steph Curry and Draymond Green.

But they were healthy Wednesday, to do their a game between the Raptors ahead of the NBA and the Warriors two-war warfare as well as getting, even though Toronto would played on the second night of backgammon and without Kawhi Leonard, who sat for the second game just with a nice jacket on his push.

On paper, he did not make sense that the Ebals would be Build easy pieces with the whole world to watch ESPN.

Not as fast as

In a competition that proves why a sporting promise is a terrible idea, the Behavior Boats on the road cut off the team from the most important regular season in the NBA history, 113-93. The Warriors held just six times and the powerful Curry just 10 points, while Kyle Lowry led the Raptors with 23 points and 12 support and the five beginners met two figures.

Many of the results may have been anticipated.

The Warriors hit the birdworts? Sure. All the excuses in the world were available, some of them even the reasons.

The Players will fight hard to end but to u200b u200b; fall short? This is probably my reason.

But Toronto is influencing wire-to-wire, and # 39; discovering that the Warriors were splitting the light of day and day; squad the menic supporters up on the corridors to hit traffic before their half-fourth quarter away?

Sing singly & # 39; Let's Go Raptors & # 39; mentions the field that splashes rapidly as the horn heard?

It is not possible.

But the Players did, using a 11-0 run to start the & # 39; fourth quarter to build on the first 36 minutes of the # 39; what they were doing and doing. Open a 26-point drive with 8:48 to play. The Warriors put the five-minute white flag on the left when Steve Kerr put the coach ahead. This was only the 24th home home of Warriors since they started to go to; The choir ran five years ago – against 123 benefits. Sìorraidh.

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The winning record of Toronto went on to 23-7 – the best of 30 games – and has promoted status as the best NBA story to date. The club grows to 7-1 without Leonard and 2-0 against the Warriors (19-10), which came into the game as the highest seed in the & # 39; West Conference, who makes gravy. What else? The seabirds now have a 2-0 of what has been properly assessed as a giant in the southwest when they enjoy Thursday before they play in Portland on Friday.

Getting out of the drop on the # 39; winning against Los Clìopairean Los Angeles, who was in Àir. 2 in the West when the Raptors had been defeated by the previous night, there is undoubtedly no doubt what they have done, The most impressive backdrop piece of his & her; history licensing.

"I like Oracle. I like the fans here. I like the building," said Lowry. I think they're going to do it. move to a new building next year, so it's been a place to lose but it's special. This is a good building. The atmosphere is not incredible. They have done special things here. But it's not just a good building … we lost 13 in a series I thought I was a group … I thought you did not; they started a new strike. What else can I say?

The Raptors were at the top of 57-41 at half, and fought through the Warriors as the wizard making her a female in a box when they jumped to a 13-point drive on Golden State after her; First Season – The biggest Warriors hole has started a game at home this season. Then they served with the second unit as a coach of Raptors, and Nick Nurse placed a room limited by a little, Lowry and Siakam are given later by the second unit that is struggling. The Eubhartaich put their head to 18 on the Ibaka bog with a minute to play and went into the half in full control, to the extent that it is possible against the most explosive crime of the NBA. They did this in the first half by keeping them to 38.6 per cent soldier and only three full trips, summaries of the upcoming.

The Warriors did not have their game & # 39; A & #;; and the Files put their punished them.

"There's a bit of everything – the athletic shields and pigs that can kill a while and put the ball on the floor," said Curry. "We know that Sound Lowry is a good player … tonight, they were very clear that they were the best team and everyone was confident that they were confident and that they played each other very well and on our head, we just had it. "

Jonas Valanciunas had the same chance to be badly injured, who put his right order away as a green one had been scattered at his death when the Lithuanian collected him in his cell. paint. There was a frightening variation and centers in his order appeared at a terrible angle. There was no worry about the play, although there were some in the Raptors camp who believed that it was a careless pollution; part of Green. It seems that it will cost a long time – without being sorry because it was to complete effectively in the # 39; paint against the Warriors, just as it was during the season. But the depths of the Raptors are something else, and they were able to get detailed minutes from the little Greg Monroe that are used and they can be reliable if Valanciunas are out for a long time.

After keeping the half on the boats. Even the Warriors were a & # 39; trying to stand up for a fourth quarter climb, Fred VanVleet went on to steal Kevin Durant and gave him all the floor for layup, which influenced the move of the home team with one of the pages to play in The Raptors helped to hold a 15-minute healthy 15-point play.

But what did the Players get involved right? An opportunity to demolish the kings on their home court?

Before her game, b & # 39; It's worth asking how the Raptors would make Golden State rule with all roster (fewer Andre Iguodala, with a stroke on his own), and especially Curry, who returned to their game after the Warriors visit to Toronto and has re-instantly resumed the league as it has never been.

Over 17 games, Curry was giving up to 30.1 NBA games as long as & # 39; as it burned 50 percent from three. Only six players have been burning better than a 50 per cent deeper since the line was introduced in 1979 and its output. At least one game was made, and three times it happened in the mid 90's when the line was shortened to 22 feet and nine inches. No one has ever done even though he is even three years trying to play a game.

Am he he who? The first three-dimensional soldier to make half of his efforts?

"For sure [someone can shoot 50 per cent from three], but you would expect it to be from a person that just stands there and to be widely open and open; burn three. There is a couple that has been done before, "said Kerr, the long-term leader of the NBA in three-point accuracy, and respecting himself." With regards to flying around How is Steph's? make and burn on the number of trains that he or she does; do and burn on the penalties at the end of the & # 39; Quarterly, unfortunately, it is not possible to do so over the next year, but I do not put anything over Steph, that's sure. "

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But Curry had no chance because he had to destroy 2-o-8 nights and got just 12 shots for 10 points to a large extent. VanVleet went into his shirt and Danny Green followed him and even worked on the job at times. Klay Thomas (14 points on 17 invitations) was a fact too. Special team protection was; in opposition to the best weapons of their game.

"We tried but made them uncomfortable," said VanVleet. "They are one of the best teams in the league for purpose and crime [is as well], so we tried to bring out their young people and make things that they are not comfortable and try to play according to their tensions and removing things and thought I have done a good job to continue; game plan.

"Certainly, they have a lot to do with the occasional loss of concerts. They usually lost open ones but you would hope that the attack and The disaster we tried to play with the defense end [paid off]. "

This is one part of the race for one of the most likely games. The Raptors have ever played at Oracle Arena in the last season that the Warriors play here before they go on to dig in San Francisco.

They closed Curry. They closed everyone. They sent a sad and sad message and can not be forgotten.

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