Do you have a stress? Your eyes can take a window into your mental workbasket


Do you have a stress? Your eyes can take a window into your mental workbasket

MU finds that a pupil's size can help someone with a # 39; identifying levels of difficulty when it is complex. Belief: Missouri-Columbia University

With almost rapid speed, productivity work demands in today's society appear to have become bigger. Include complexity as a way of responding to the desire to complete the tasks almost immediately. Previous surveys of workload and productivity include physical aspects, such as a person who; walking or behavior, but they do not; taking into account the state of mind of a person. Now, many researchers have discovered that the eyes of a person can solve.

"If your animation is bad, something is wrong with your body and doctors will work to identify what is wrong," said Jung Hyup Kim, a professor of engineering engineering and manufacturing systems at MU College of Engineering . "What about your mental health? Many people are multi-active, but at this time there is no measure for someone's mental wellbeing. But, we found that a pupil's size could be a key way to measure someone's mental condition while & They are doing multi-standing. "

Everyone will emphasize different ways. Kim and Xiaonan Yang, a graduate student of MU, wanted to find a way of searching data for different businesses – such as emergency communicators, office staff, business industry and manufacturing factory – to give a degree of weight to the their employees as a whole while interacting, or fulfilling duties related to work with complexity tasks at a low and high level.

To do this, they were comparing data from a NASA media worksheet for their strikers to do so; consider a rewarding response from partners in lab lab. Using oil and gas vegetable oil control control room, Kim and Yang watched, through acceptance and eye technology, as the partners contributed to the unexpected changes, such as conferences, and a & # 39; At the same time, look at the performance of two detection criteria. During the simple tasks of the situation, behavior of the participants' eye research was more flexible. However, because the actions were to be done; becoming more complex and that unexpected changes have occurred, their eye behaviors disagreed.

Through using data from this labor study and the implementation of the Kim and Yang formula called "fractal dimension", Kim and Yang detected negative relationships between fractal species of pupil problem and workload person, a & # 39; researchers show that a pupil dance could be used to identify a person's mental work grave in a complex environment. Kim and Yang hope that this product will have a better understanding of how systems should be designed to effectively eliminate mentally and to avoid work; creating a safer working environment. One day this product may allow the employers and tutors to use the device to maximize their degree of tolerance before they can be tolerant, and the their achievements to begin to change negatively.

"It would be great if people worked formally every time," said Kim. "But when you're tired, you often make a mistake. So, if we keep track of the mental wellbeing of the worker, we can hope that future mistakes will be needed."

Kim and Yang plan to submit this product for more research. including different different groups and special biometric measures such as heart beat, brain symptoms and fears or weird paths.

The study, "Multiple Environment Workload Assessment that utilizes Fractal Measurement of Pupil Dilation," was published in the # 39; International Journal of Human ComponentsSouth Westerly

The complex diversity promotes achievement

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