Doctors block tap water in a net pot for amoeba eating a brain

SEATTLE – Doctors believe that a woman who died from eating friends was rare in her brain; use tap water to run their tools.

The resident of Seattle's 69th anniversary died in February after being attacked by a brain at the Swedish Medical Center. Her doctor tells The Seattle Times that "amoeba throughout the area just ate brain cells."

According to a study published in the Journal of Disease Diseases, doctors believed that the one was likely to have been contaminated when using the water in the stuffed pot, a similar boat-like vessel a & # 39; bring nasal spots out.

Health officers recommend that they use but that is boiled, injured or boiled water in order to make it possible; shooting sinks. There can be small whiskey in tapping water that is safe for drink but may live in nasal corridors.

Such diseases are very rare. There were three SA issues like this from 2008 to 2017.

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Information from: The Seattle Times,

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