Does Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) help Alzheimer's reduce?

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Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the equipment that is responsible for the psychoactive marijuana effect, may offer hope for a & # 39; Alzheimer's disease treatment, at least according to mice survey. Creatures with Alzheimer's disease similar to THC, which resulted in the loss of less lost brain cells, 20% fewer embossing in the brain (Alzheimer's) as well as an increase in memory.

Indeed, the Alzheimer's bridges also provided THC on memory exams such as a healthy mice, and the people who received a playground lost some of the memory.2 The inspection was presented at the 2018 Naucience Association meeting in San Diego, California , and has only been published, but it expects that canned cure may be a cure for Alzheimer's.

THC produces memory in alzheimer's mice

The awesome study in which he found THC – but not cannabis (CBD) – could benefit from memory work and the loss of neuron in mice by Alzheimer's. Cannabidiol is the non-active species of channabis, previously found to offer many benefits for pain relief, tenancies and other health conditions.

Cannabinoids interact with your body by using the # 39; Happening naturally to cannabinoid receptors based in cell membranes throughout your body. Cannabinoid receptors are in the brain, lungs, liver, antiques, the defensive system and more; the therapeutic features (and active sections) of marijuana occurring when cannabinoid occurs; develop cannabinoid receptor.

Your body also has naturally-like endocannabinoids with THC that stimulate your cannabinoid receptors and its & # 39; Different important psychological processes.

So, your body is firmly protected to answer cannabinoids through this particular cannabinoid system. It is likely that both THC and inflammatory will affect the endocannabinoid system at its & # 39; your body. According to the researchers: 3

"Endocannabinoid symptoms have been proven to be involved in many processes, including brain development, memory creation, motor control, neuroinflammation, excitotoxicity and stress stress oxidative.

In addition, several in vitro surveys showed that cannabinoids have a Aβ reduction [amyloid beta]Neurotoxicity in addition to cell death and helps neurogenesis. It can also be shown that cannabinoids can promote the removal of intraneuronal Aβ in vitro.

… Cannabinoid-treatment in … mice demonstrates the ability of the endocannabinoid system as a therapeutic target in Alzheimer's disease; affect the molecular signature and its memory deficit development. Our products are to confirm cannabis-based medicine such as AD that may be in [Alzheimer’s disease] cure. "

THC Brain Brain Shook

Inspectors of the observed investigation gave a warning that people should not include the results to mean they should have light to preserve their mental health. When THC gave a mice healthy, they had learning difficulties. However, previous research on mice has also had access to THC to be beneficial for mental health.

One such study, published in Nature Medicine, found that a low proportion of THC prevented the age decline in mice mental performance of 12 to 18 months.4 The dose was small enough to adversely affect to avoid a realistic, but strong enough to recover the loss of achievement in the old animals (usually a mice will be 2 years old).

In addition, the activity of gene and molecule was molecular molecules in THC that were treated with THC as a result of younger animals. In particular, growing neurons in the hippocampus to # 39; grow more synaptic spots – communication points essential for communication between neurons.

Previous research has also shown that the brain causes much faster in mice that have no active holdings for THC, which suggests that THC may be involved in a & # 39; manage its & # 39; process; getting older. The next logical step would be to try to marijuana and interfere with people with Alzheimer's red and red political failure; scientific process.

By talking to the NPR, Cannabis researcher, Jamie Roitman, a psychologist-related professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, says, "There are not just places to do it." Follow NPR, "Accepting an investigation to marijuana that is very difficult," she said, despite the drug is now legal in many states. "6

Despite this, cannabis dentistry is at the heart of a futuristic neuroscience, according to researchers who are experiencing. Writing in Borders in Independent Modernism, and because they work through many devices, they may be useful not only for Alzheimer's but also for Parkinson's, brain tumors, epilepsy and bad injuries. They noted: 7

"The current polypharmaceutical features of cannabis herbs offer special benefits over the current single-target medicine module and improve recovery of a patient to New truth of an effective and effective approach and even casual medicine. "

What other kind of medical marijuana is good for?

Cannabinoid receptors have an important role in many body processes, including metabolism regulation, suffering, pain, anxiety, bone growth and immune action. "Medical Marijuana" refers to & # 39; use the entire marijuana plant, without re-conduct or extracts for medical purposes. Through traditional vegetable breeding methods and seed exchange, growers have begun to produce cannabis plants with higher levels of CBD and lower THC levels for medical use.

From the 2018 election, which has come to fruition in a number of states that allows a variety of marijuana, medical cannabis is now legal in US 33 states, and the use of legal reuse in 10 states and Washington, DC8 A & # 39; Most of the areas where medical cannabis are a legal permit are used only under special medical conditions, and some provide only CBD oil or pills. What do people use it? Penalties and worries are used above, but there is also scope to use it as a cancer cure.

For example, researchers found by Harvard THC who cut the growth of a lung cancer and a & l; significantly reduced its capacity to spread ..9 Even in glioblastoma situations, one of the worst of cancer levels, cannabinoids can help, because they have been diagnosed with; preventing the attack of glioblastoma tumors and their patient development of glioblastoma patients.10 In addition, cannabinoids have been committed to a variety of medical practices, including: 11

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Anorexia
  • Irritable fuel syndrome
  • Huntington Disease
  • User
  • Eye diseases
  • Nausea related to cheimotherapy and evaluation
  • Sore and neuropathic pain
  • Unnecessary stress after concern
  • Anxiety of anxiety

Interestingly, both TCH and CBD appear to have a profitable role in health. One study even found that CBDs could benefit from some of the THC deactivation effects and the two combinations can provide better results when delivered alone individually.12

If you are considering using a medical marijuana, and if you're a doctor, live in a state where it is lawful, you can get a recommendation for a medical cannabis card from your doctor, then participate in a collection, which is a group of patients who can grow and share cannabis drugs together. By signing in as a member, you will receive a & # 39; grow and share your threat.

There are different ways to distribute medical marijuana, including to # 39; including inhalation, vaporization and smoking to sublingual (under the language), oral oral and in particular. The best way for you will depend on your medical needs, so it will be skilled in working with a well-known physician to confirm the best administrative and best practice pathway.

Keep in mind, although medical marijuana seems to be a new or wise medicine, its medicine homes for thousands of years, including Chinese Traditional Medicine, were valued in India and with ancient Egyptians, Persians and Greeks.

Cofaidh: Alzheimer's Benefits Other Natural Company

Along with marijuana, there can also be many other natural materials with Alzheimer's deterrent buildings, and there is definitely no coffee. "Wearing coffee has been associated with reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Parkinson's disease (PD), but the way in which coffee can not provide neuroprotection in humans fully understood, "researchers explained.13

It was previously suggested that caffeine in coffee could be accountable for many of its beneficial effects, but new research revealed similar beneficial features of the brain in both caffeinated and non-diabetes. What was the thing that was & # 39; indicate that the type of roasted, with a dark roast that came out on its & the summit.

A phenylindane company is created when coffee pans are roasted, with higher numbers in dark seals. Phenylindane is also neuroprotective, because it prevents the amyloid-beta and tau collection, which are both connected to Alzheimer's. Surveyors are in a position that they will " look further about whether phenylindanes are capable of entering blood blood and overcoming their blood; preventing blood-brain.

Also, similar to marijuana, coffee consumption is linked to a lower risk of glioma engine engine, so that people in the primary department of coffee wear 91% have less glioma appearance compared to the those in & # 39; partially partially.14

It has also been proved to drink one of the cups of daily coffee every day to reduce the risk of the day; Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, mental decline and mental disorder compared to drinking less than one cup.15

Best ideas for reducing Alzheimer's risk

Alzheimer's disease has become one of the most brutal public health issues facing the US. With the number of people expecting to trip by 2050, the Alzheimer's Society is hosting a " Someone in the US estimates that Alzheimer's disease development is 33 seconds. 16

One day's medical marijuana may be a useful tool to prevent and treat Alzheimer's, but it is not yet available for most people. Many other strategies that are available to the base of the illness are currently available, however, such as exercise to prevent neurotropic respiratory (BDNF) from the brain, to reduce weight, to be a & # 39; develop your sleep, which is essential for mental work and nutritional support.

Important nutrition includes omega-3 fat based on animals, magnesium, vitamin D and fiber. For example, older people with severe vitamin D can build a risk for dementia with 125 per cent, and vitamin D deficiency is associated with a major risk of any dementia and Alzheimer's disease.17 Are your levels & 39; test and test; maintain a blood level of 60 to 80 ng / ml throughout the year.

In terms of omega-3, a high level of omega-3 EPA lock and DHA help to prevent Fly Destruction caused by Alzheimer's disease, slow down the progress and reduce your risk to & # 39; developing disorder. All right, get an omega-3 index test that was made once a year to ensure that you are in a healthy area. Omega-3 index should exceed 8 per cent and the ratio of omega 6 to 3 between 0.5 and 3.0.

I also propose a rigid or targeted targeted diet to help you to; make use of your health by turning from a & # 39; Burning carbohydrates for energy to burn fat as a major fuel source. You can learn more about this approach to improve your mitochondrial role, which is also at the heart of Alzheimer's disease, in my book, "Fat for Fuel."

One of the most common effects of sugar burning is that you are finishing with insulin and with leptin resistant, which is at the heart of her / her; health. It is another powerful device in uninterrupted employment to jump on the & # 39; body to remember how to burn your fat and to resist insulin / leptin resistant. Taken together, these lifestyle strategies are the best protection to avoid dementia and to keep your brain strong.

For more information, make sure you send a copy of "Alzheimer's End: First Program for Shortening and Revival," by Dr. Dale Bredesen, director of neurodegenerative disease research at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine. It is full of tools for prevention and treatment.

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