Doug Ford moves to stop negotiating hearings with Ontario deputies


The government of Ontario is to abolish negotiations with provincial physicians, a movement that the Ontario Medical Association has committed to; expressed as "unexpectedly" and "dispute with the rule of law."

The continent states that it completes the interventions of mediation – which were recorded up to & # 39; This month – due to its lawsuit within the divisional medical post.

The last month, an underwent vote of bilingau experts in an online referendum to leave the OMA, is the official arrangement for almost 31,000 physicians who use the department.

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The special Association of Ontario experts said that it has support from eight special veterinary organizations and an order to encourage the government of Ontario to change legislation that is going to be a reality. Most of the court is currently from a tax conference with anyone else but the OMA.

The OMA has accepted that a vote of less than 5 per cent of constituent doctors participate in the " bankruptcy.

"It is clear that there is a public argument in the professor as to whether the OMA is the representation that is represented by dealers in Ontario," wrote Craig Rix, lawyer for the Ministry of Health and Care for a long time (MOHLTC) in a letter by e-mail to the head of their Monday morning board. "MOHLTC is not confident that the OMA can deliver any arbitration decision."

OMA refused this argument, informing the ruler William Kaplan, his own legal letter, sent on Tuesday, that he was "uncertain and absolutely right," and suggested that the OMA would not be able to implement a negotiation arrangement. In a few ways, OMA lawyers say that the government can not end the interventions alone.

"We believe that the government is trying to pull a photocopy configuration because he knows that settlement that means a fair deal for doctors," wrote Nadia Alam, president of the OMA, in a letter to members Tuesday.

Dr. Alam out of the country and was not available for interview. A spokesman for the Health Minister Christine Elliott did not respond to an application to comment.

The Advocate Government's advocacy is to eliminate the settlement of the most recent settlement in a nearly five year battle between Queens Park and doctors, which have been contracted as of 31 March 2014.

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The previous Liberal government was awarded to doctors when some taxes were introduced into attachments and others settled because it was not possible for his / her. case on both sides.

Relationship began between the last two months when the Kathleen Wynne government agreed to allow doctors to enter into binding arrangements. Doctors in Ontario have long argued that they were uneasy when road discussions reached where there was no way the debate was given to a third party for a final word, and the Liberals feared that an intermediary could give a generous pay award Doctors, attempts to control health spending.

The ruling hearings began in the spring after. After the later Conservatives had sunk into power in June, they expanded an OMA branch, converting some of the settlement dates into negotiation days. The speeches were stopped and reconciliation started last month.

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