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It seems to be the idea that the Oscar race for this year's Best Picture was between BlakeKkKlansman and Spice Lee and Peter Farrelly's Green Book, and how Green Book won, that's why Again the following year Driving Miss Daisy won the best picture. One can drag things between Driving Miss Daisy and the Green Book if they want it, not my problem (they also see that the two films have won Best Picture but not the Best Director) . But that's true when it looks like 1989 and today.

If you're looking at people to go to; punish because BlacKkKlansman is not currently, start with these beliefs. He was disappointed. for those who have long-term advocacy for the movie to be wholly seen by the people who create the race. If he won a great prize he could have been & # 39; Build the necessary time to get the best picture. It does not happen if there is no consensus; built.

When the entries for the 62th Academy Awards were announced in 1990, Do the Right Thing closed for all Oscars but: script and support act. Spike Lee should be nominated as Director of Best and Best Images but it was not.

The Golden Globes made the name of the Right; for the design and director of that year, and BlacKkKlansman received the same nominations in 2019.

Spike Lee was an unnamed Palme D & Or for Do The Right Thing in 1989 and won the Cannes Daughter Award in 2018 for BlacKkKlansman.

But The Right Thing won the Los Angeles Film Criteria awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Support Actor, and Best Music. In 2018, they ignored BlacKkKlansman.

"The Something" won Best Films at New York Film Writers. In 2018, they ignored BlacKkKlansman.

The National Association of Film Criteria gave the Best Director for Spike Lee for A & E; Rights. In 2019, they ignored BlacKkKlansman.

In addition, BlacKkKlansman could not attract an advantage in any of the leading agencies. We kept hoping, we kept predicting – but he never did. Not the Guild Writers, not an American Cinema Editor. Not even the SAG collection. It is not the Producers' Association. And not the Guild Directors, who, like the Academy, have never won their black movie makers ever the biggest prize.

As a result, the three best films won by the main organizations were the best effective picture:

SAG – Black Panther
PGA – Green Book
DGA – Rome

Film makers could play all behind behind Spike Lee and BlacKkKlansman, but they never did. The Spirit Awards did not even have the name of the film or director.

Journalists who do not appear to have the Oscars cover; understand this basic truth. Co-agreement could be built around BlacKkKlansman to make it competitive for the Best Picture, but it was not. Instead, the arguments unanimously close all the pressure behind Roma and his director, Alfonso Cuaron. No other movie was even doing a dentist behind Roma. Black Panther gave SAG and put it in running like a dark horse.

The Green Book did not win Best Deal because the Academy did not win the Spike Lee prize. Indeed, they gave Spike Lee an appropriate screen screen – something that most of the voting groups did not do this season, except for BAFTA and a few regional judicial groups. The Green Book won the Best Picture because it was not a brilliant film. There was no Netflix movie; , and his case was not just back enough to take humans to protect him to the top of his face; their votes.

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