Early tax rates in Warp VS War – the 30 minute inspection

The OnePlus 6T McLaren magazine confirmed the OnePlus new tax level to succeed on the DW 20W charger. So, with Chinese phones making more earning standards for you; landlords, we want to show how they are compared to other levels on their. market.

There are a number of fast-cost rates across a dedicated mobile phone company that have their own benefits and accounts. In short, fast costs are good and suited to the customer, but property restriction standards that mean you can only save as much as the # 39; first cable and adapter.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Sharp Sharing 30

We have compiled two cards with a number of fast tax rates and without contradiction. Note, for this comparison, we do not; compare as soon as the device is costed in & # 39; first half an hour from a dead battery. This is the most important thing to judge how hard you can to & # 39; Expected from a device if you have only 30 minutes to dispose of an aircraft or before you need to go out on the door.

The raw data we use is for a 30 minute fee from dead battery, battery capacity, and just for fun, we will We will also include our battery data scores for this comparison.

The first record is the percentage for taxes yesterday after going to & # 39; pay for 30 minutes. Indeed, the percentage depends on the full potential of its software and how quickly the power is capable of; at the moment back to the battery pack.

On the right side of the bat, the Super VOOC Oppo Find X value has been realized. He overcame 95% of amazing batteries in half an hour. At the same time, the Pixel 2XL walked with a 18W USB-PD drive with only 35% with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 that was not a 37% long to use its Fast Adaptive Fast Charger.

Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition with Super VOOC

This next chart makes an estimate of what battery capacity is; restored by level and telephone capacity. The X find is now very close to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro because a battery has a & # 39; Most of Huawei (4,200 mAh). At the same time, the Note9 and Pixel 2 XL are still over.

Finally, the final list includes the battery incubation score that we put on these phones when we reviewed them. Just enter, this is the battery battery score on the battery size that needs to cut the phone in half an hour.

The Mate 20 and Find X were right alongside each other in the enabled tab, but the intensive menu is & # 39; show the difference in the battery zone that was split between the two devices – still very real numbers of Huawei.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro le Super Charge 40W

The OnePlus 6T with Dash Charge and the vivo Nex S with Quick Charge 3.0 were both the neck and neck in the 30-minute exams when they added the 55% and 50%, respectively. This imposed a fee of 2000 mAh capacity in each device with the correct 50 h equity estimates.

Live NEX S with the fast responsibility of Qualcomm 3

The Chinese motto is well ahead of other business levels such as USB-C and Fast Quick Speed ​​Power in smartphones just because the competition between Chinese motto is so fiercely. We need to be spectacular when there is a fast business price rate that passes a 20W-25W range.

The USB-C Delivery Delivery may have the greatest potential to be a business status (it costs a lot of laptops, then) and is already easy enough find USB-C power stations and Apple will use the same level on their laptop computers.

So far, can we see other phone makers to improve their earning standards with owners outside China?

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