Earth in two islands in Scotland is similar to Mars: geologists

Geological experts in Scotland say that there is soil in two rural, marshy islands that match Mars.

Using the Mars Rover Curiosity open data data, the geologists were able to compare new symbols from the red planet to a database of over 1,500 new samples in Scotland. They find that Martian soil is closely matched to two Scottish islands: Skye and Mull.

The Isle of Skye and Mull are the islands fairly volatile on the west coast of Scotland. Skye is a popular tourist destination and is featured in several films, including "Prometheus," "The BFG" and "Transformers: The Last Knight."

Benjamin Butler, a Digital Mineral by James Hutton's Institute of Aberdeen, Scotland, said the results make sense because of the likelihood of & The islands and Mars are.

"The reason they stand out because the soils on Skye and Mull are on the rock like the rocks found on Mars, and that way, it would be expected We found those soils, in these old volcanic environments, "he said.

The three symbols of land are rich in basaltic rock minerals, commonly found on both Earth and Mars, but they have the connection with water over a period of time; making these three areas in particular, says Butler.

Butler hopes that NASA scientists will explore Martian land more easily to explore and find out if it is possible to support vibrant life, as it is possible to carry out more experiments on Earth.

"It just opened a lot of doors to understand the ancient habitats on Mars," he said.

The rover Curiosity came on Mars in August 2012 with the aim of geological appraisal to planet and confirm if he was able to supporting microbiological life.

Butler thanked NASA for releasing public data Curiosity of public access.

"Things should be available freely for other people, because without the open data, this mix would not be possible," he said. "It's a good example of how unexpected products can arise when data sharing is open."

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