Ebola is spreading to the main capital of Congo

The second Ebola breakdown in history has spread into a large city in the south of Congo, because health experts are Concerning the presence of a vaccine's vaccine stock to upheld unnecessary disease applications.

Butembo, with more than 1 million residents, now describes issues of the dying, fatal fever. That compares Ebola's conservation work already opposed rebel attacks elsewhere in the past. Finding a virus is almost impossible in remote towns.

"We are very concerned with the emerging situation in the Butembo area," said John Johnson, a project co-ordinator with borderless Doctors in the town. New issues are rapidly expanding in the eastern cities and remote, remote areas, the medical charity said.

The bankruptcy cited on 1 August is now the only one for the severe West African accident that killed more than 11,300 people a few years ago. At this time, 471 Ebola cases, which 423 have been ratified, including 225 deaths confirmed, Congo's health minister said in late Thursday.

Without the teams that have immunized more than 41,000 people so far, this could be seen over 10,000 of Ebola's issues, he said. a minister of health.

The most effective method of using the Ebola vaccine is a promising test, but still, with Merck's possession. The company will have a & # 39; maintain 300,000 doses, and prepare them to take months.

"We are extremely immense about the size of the stock vaccine," said WHO's emergency director, Dr. Peter Salama, added the STAT service in an interview this week, saying that 300,000 dollars are not enough because Ebola's breakdown of towns is becoming more common.

Health workers, victims of Ebola victims and their relatives have been vaccinated in a "circle vaccine", but in some cases everyone who is in hard communities has been offered. It is expected that a big vaccine in the city like Butembo will have raised a disturbance. Salama said the methodology was "very informal."

A boy who is suspected is banned by the Ebola virus sitting in a chair at a transport center at Beni, Kivu a Tuath. (Goran Tomasevic / Reuters)

The WHO spokeswoman said that dealers of diarrhea arrived almost a week to make sure there is enough supply for a fungal vaccine. "Vaccination provision has not stopped so far," said Tarik Jasarevic in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "Merck is working actively to ensure that enough dots are still available to meet the potential demand."

The Ebola break is similar to anything else, with deadly attacks by republican groups who can remove protected work to stop for days at the same time. Some locals have blocked a vaccine or saved Ebola victims as health workers and uncertain war in an unexpected area. previous virus.

"Remote population" has been constantly destroyed by medical equipment and invasion staff, Health Minister Dr Oly Ilunga Kalenga told the reporters of Wednesday.

The Ebola virus is spread through the physical patients of the people, including dead.

The crisis "is still bad and unpredictable," said the World Health Organization in the evaluation released on Wednesday. Nine health zones have been reported to new issues in the last week, some of which are not connected to known victims, which mean that there are gaps in the & # 39; Watching in an area with resilient, moving people.

Thousands of people have been organized by Red Cross societies and others who are going to be organized. Going out of houses from home-to-house and watching connections that may be experienced by victims.

Prof. Fatoumata Nafo-Traore, regional director of Africa for the International League of Red Cross and the Red Cross Societies, along with one major awareness campaign Beni, this week.

One family member thanked her to speak face-to-face, saying he had no radio even and did not understand what was happening. "The enemy is a victim of suffering," said another resident.

With the years of conflicts in the eastern Congo, it is essential that families trust why the health workers are there, Nafo-Traore told the AP.

Although she made the uncertain request "very worried," she said with new tools, including vaccines, "there is a great hope."

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