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Elon Musk Emoticons may be a & # 39; Residency & # 39; on Mars

Tech Billionaire and CEO SpaceX Elon Musk is to set up a foundation on Mars, and it is said that his / her first resident may be on his / her; planet may be a static data (AI).

Answer a tweet to ask Before what thoughts were there; He had the first Marsh who was a famous man, he answered: "30%."

How the Musk comes up with her & # 39; This percentage is still a mystery, however, many people look out what the "AI" resident looks like, according to the Geek.

"It's possible that it would be a rover similar to a rover that monitors its plan, or a static device that will investigate and carry out human-aided experiments," Geek report said.

At this time, the Mars teams are completely spectacular.

Companies such as SpaceX and worldwide scientific bodies have been working to create technologies to allow people to move beyond Earth than the Earth but may take a decade or perhaps a number decades before doing so.

Musk had told the media in November that "70 per cent of the chance goes to Mars", despite a late "good chance" on the road or after going ashore. It is very similar that only a few people are willing to join Musk this time – either because of the risk or the cost involved.

This year, NASA's Spanish spoon group set up its plans to return people to their moon and night. using its ground floor to prepare to send astronauts to Mars in the 2030s.

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