Examination: Ice-breaking ice-breaks Does he really have a tumor with a basic ocean Currently

Examination: Ice-breaking ice-breaks Does he really have a tumor with a basic ocean Currently
Examination: Ice-breaking ice-breaks Does he really have a tumor with a basic ocean Currently

Last week, the rivers went over in Chicago when it became more colder than the North Pole. At the same time, 47 ℃ teles hit Adelaide when there was heat.

So real and unintelligible weather seems to be worse when the ice sections in each pole are more and less; melting.

Our research, which has been published today, shows that there is likely to be an impact on & # 39; Greenland and Antarctica filters melted the whole global climate system, which promotes more variable weather and more smelting. Our model strategies suggest that we will see more of the recent weather, both heat and cold, with anguish effects for agriculture, infrastructure and human life itself.

We argued that a global policy requires a critical review to prevent the detrimental effects of risks.

Although the Paris Agreement aims to keep under 2 ℃ warming (compared to pre-active levels), current government commitments are now being heated to 3-4 ℃ by 2100. This would make more smelting in the Polish areas.

At present, ice ice-cream in Antarctica and Herzegovina, as well as mountain glaciers, has a flavor; accelerated due to the continuous warming of the air and its air. With the expected level of warmth, much of the potatoes made from pine ice would go into the earth's oceans.

We have used satellite measurements of the recent changes made in recent months and collect data from the polaire departments for the first time. So, in just a few decades, Antarctic melting was the freshwater lens on the surface of its ocean, allows to disperse warmer water and its water; subtract more melting from below.

In the north of the Atlantic, the water-water would be going to a great weakening of deep sea distribution and its impact on streams; shore as a Gulf Stream, which will transport warm water from the tropics to the Atlantic. This would lead to warmer air temperatures in Central America, Eastern Canada and the upper Arctic, but coolest conditions in the northwest of Europe on the other side of the Atlantic.

Recent research has included that tipping points in parts of the Antarctica Ice Register may already have passed. This is because its & # 39; Most of the ice page that contains the West Antarctica cover; living on a large sea level granite – in some areas up to 2 kilometers below.

It can be a challenge to compile the entire system of the climate as normal computing modules are generally worldwide, but typically there are modules of cloth on the restricted to just Antarctic not just Greenland. For this reason, the latest Climate Change (IPCC) Intergovernmental Panel (IPCC) appraisal used climate models that prevented the processing of ice leaflets.

The global government policy is guided by this evaluation from 2013, but our new results shows that the potential to impact on climate projections can have a high impact of water. This means we need to update the guidance we give to policy makers. And because that's & # 39; Greenland and Antarctica affecting different aspects of the climate system, we need new methods of operation; look at the two sides of ice together.

In addition to its impact; At seawater, surrounded by ocean, we have also worked out how continuous fracture of the polar ice captain contributes to sea level. Icecharts already have an increase in sea level, and the process has been on the # 39; accelerated in recent years.

Our research is in agreement with another study published today, in terms of the amount that Antarctica could increase sea level over this century. This is good news for two reasons.

Initially, our strategies are lower than the single US modeling group expected in 2016. Instead of almost a meter of sea level rise from Antarctic before 2100, we do not & # 39; roaming only 14-15cm.

Secondly, the agreement between the two inspections and also with previous preliminaries from the IPCC and other modalities that proposes a consensus to be made; increasing, which makes the designers more precisely. However, the regional pattern of unrealistic sea level rise, and islands in the southwest of Wales may experience almost 1.5 times experience at sea level rise that will affect New Zealand.

Although some countries, including New Zealand, and # 39; making progress in developing laws and policies for moving towards a low carbon future, there is a policy around the world; falling far behind science.

The overarching intentions we do in our knowledge are & # 39; Emphasis on the need for the most urgent need to & # 39; Reduce the spread of greenhouse cheese It may be difficult to see how our own actions can be saved by a pile ice captain from a great melting. But by making environmentally-friendly individual choices, we can persuade politicians and companies of desire for an urgent action to protect the world for future generations.

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