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Experts appearing the best 10 diets for 2019

"New Year, New You" is the phrase that we are listening to many at this time. But if you are like anything, between fish and teams at the beach and beersies in a flat, the total health and fitness review you have to do for 2019 is already a & # 39; feel out of reach.

But there is a new report that lists us the best of our deaths; make some of the health goals appear something capable.

Old habits are killed, drinking less alcohol or learning the new skill of the everyday arrangements that are popular with people, but according to a vote from the United Kingdom government, the most common places a & # 39; go around weight, change of fitness and diet.

The Scottish News & World Report gathered a panel of experts, including nutritionists and food counselors, and Getting a diet of food over seven sectors.

Depending on the conclusions, these are the top 10.

1. Mediatric diet

Conflict around the Continental Continental was always common – and a good reason. Studies have found that this way of life can be very effective.

Starting in countries, & # 39; including Greece, Italy, Spain and its. Vegetable, where the level of saturated salt is common, the diet is rooted in olive oil, nuts and oily fish. These make mono-unsaturated strains that are; health and heart health improvement.

Research shows the ones that are in a position; Participating in this diet on improving the treatment, more mental abilities, to lose weight, are less likely to be; developing Type 2 diabetes and increasing belief that it can help to reduce the amount of diabetes. reduce depression risk too.

Is this the confirmation that you need to draw Donna from Mamma Mia and her to escape to Greece?

2. DASH Diet

Secondly, it is the smallest level of the last eight years (but the same as last year's Med), DASH diet.

Foods that are eaten in the direction of this diet help to & # 39; reduce the risk of serious poor blood (high blood pressure) affecting up to one out of five Kiwis, according to the Southern Cross Medical Care Association.

DASH will promote foods with a special nutrition that suits. keeping high buildings for blood. That means potassium, calcium, protein and fiber that translates to existing content already. We should eat: fruit and vegetables, whole grain, strong protein and low milk milk.

The diet also provides advice against high beings in saturated fat. The salt consumption is at a proportion of 2300 million people a day, this is the amount that is proposed as the NZ's National Association has been identified.

Good good fat …

3. The Flexitarian diet

The optional word means "#; Cut down – but it's not completely hidden – meat and milk. We are traditionally a hunting nation and this diet allows you to eat meat when you want, but change your focus to food to more plants. So, up all the fruit, vegetables and whole language but you know that your whole world does not fall, and you do not have to pay the pounds suddenly, if you're gutting a bit of steak an hour.

This type of flexibility causes that a & # 39; A concept of eating a little less, right?

In addition to better overall health, lower degree of diabetes, heart disease and cancer, there are also environmental benefits.

4. MIND diet

MIND Diet (Intermediate Intervention for Neurodegenerative Impairment) is a mashup of the two pre-existing foods, respecting the special foods that are present; believe that is useful for mental health.

Although the cure for dementia has not yet been found, it is considered to be green leaves, green leaves, nuts, oil-oil, full grain, fish and fish; All shore helps. The best? A glass of red wine every day is also allowed.

The MIND diet includes good food for the brain, and including one glass of red wine in the day too. Picture / Getty Images
The MIND diet includes good food for the brain, and including one glass of red wine in the day too. Picture / Getty Images

5. Pressure keepers

Believe it or not, Oprah and his diet are still relevant. In fact, this diet first comes to the # 39; weight loss division. The plan will work on a system of points, with the value of everything food or drink. 200 foods worth nonsense points (good) – think of fruit and vegetables. Personally and online guidance has also shown that the level of success of this diet is up.

6. Mayo Clinic Diet

This method is based on a food pyramid, with fruit, vegetables and whole ear to be advised (low energy density, which allows you to take longer while you are And less wear of calories). The clinic should be asking people to lose two to four kilos in a fortnight.

"Smarter pressure and a healthier lifestyle can be handled out on Mayo Clinic Day", according to Scottish News & World Report.

7. Cleaning

This diet also highlights its & # 39; His positive effects on diabetes and heart disease, and also focus on energy density. Two groups consist of four groups, from very close proximity (fruit and stomach plants, low milk, broth-based prototypes), to a very close (crisps, chocolate, butter, nuts and oil ). In fact, installments for the lowest proportion are the highest and longest and you will not find the lowest in the highest section.

8. TLC diet

This is nice and simple: Therapic Life Changes aim to reduce cholesterol by eating in exercise especially. Depending on the TLC this includes fruits and plants, bread, pasta and heavy meat.

9. Scandinavian diet

There is one other culture based on food you enjoy in Scandinavia. The Viking diet will encourage you to get food on a seasonal basis, locally produced produce: Things such as milk, rope oil, lingonberries, herbs and Icelandic yogurt. I do not know what ones are that? In a fair way, we are not sure how easy it is and how we can take our hands forward as the ones that are. refined, but in fact, the diet can eat fruit and vegetables, whole grain and fish (which focus on movements here?).

10. Diet exposure

Just entering the Ornish diet list is just out of the US. Designed by a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, the diet promises you to "better feel, live longer, lose weight and & # 39 get health. "

How come? By avoiding fat, delicate carcasses and animal protein … it's easy to read. The effort could be worthwhile as it is said that it is very effective in reducing the risk of the risk; your heart disease.

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