Facilities are Vast & # 39; and connections to make Huawei CFO as a plane of flight, arguing to & # 39; Fiscal at the Vancouver court

VANCOUVER-Media attacked B.C. A High Court in Vancouver continued on Friday morning as an international scandal continuing: Meng Wanzhou, chief finance officer of Huawei, China's major communications.

A disclosure on the file was also blocked, and # 39; Ending to discuss why Meng was arrested when he was in a position; moving aircraft in Vancouver on December 1 when authorities were asked in the United States.

Meng appeared in the court for a hearing to find out what she'll keep in while & # 39; in which the US will seek its revival from Canada. Meng, with a green appliance, relaxed in the courtroom, even sent a laughter department with her lawyer.

New York's warranty that encompasses complaints that Meng knew that Huawei was working as a company called SkyCom to do a business in Iran, affecting United States sanctions in the countryside.

In addition to her Crown Meng had shown a pattern for her & her; Avoiding the United States, saying that she suspected that a & # 39; happening. Meng was arrested in Vancouver when he was moving from Hong Kong to his own plane; going to Mexico, heard his court.

Vancouver's immigrant lawyer, Richard Kurland, said the review of the trust would take weeks. The de-strategic hearings themselves could take years, according to appeals, he said.

"There is a burden to show that you are not a risk of a trip and that you are complying with the process. It is usually done by the person who Including 24 hour security, depending on its own cost, independently examined private guards, "said Kurland.

"Secondly, you will also put an electronic scan together and you must have a place (for staying). So you have to have a place where everything is possible."

Nelson Cunningham, formerly a US federal agent and a special Clinton administration adviser, said he expected Meng to stay behind bars waiting for the result of her next strategy.

"In the systems that I know, it would appear that someone like this would be in custody while the subject is being considered. This is a risk of them, and because they know If she goes to Canada, she will go to China and it will be beyond reaching a process, "said Cunningham.

"I was worried if she was released on bail."

Meng is appointed as vice president and chief finance officer of Huawei and is the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, who founded her company. China's ambassadors in Ottawa opposed their custody and asked for "personal freedom" Meng to be restored.

The Canadian Dispensation Act requires a person to face offenses for a crime that has been judged in Canada and the country that seeks offsetting.

Cunningham was suspected of arresting Meng as a warning against those who disturb the US's sanctions, covers the shipping, financial and energy sectors of Iran.

"Within Trump administration, there are powerful crosses here," he said. "Because they are committed to punishing Iran by limiting trade with Iran, and by emphasizing companies that break out those sanctions."

But the move could also affect Chinese-Chinese relations.

"I could think that the Chinese government could have a huge pressure on the Canadian government," said Cunningham.

"There is a huge disagreement between the US and its closest supporters, I believe Canada is one of them, in terms of how to define what control- bills should be applied against Iran and that there should be sanctions. "

Kurland, at the same time, wonders whether Canada's business interests in China have been the aim of any compensation.

"Is it dangerous (now) for Canadian business people to visit China? What is the Chinese decision to repeat with nab-and-grab of China's leading businessman in China? Now what's it? "Kurland said.

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