Fools F Feeds in April: Skinballs, Google snake, and pickled burger

HelloFresh will be launching the packed lunch box with a nervous search for White Day on April.


Turning your complaints up to a full explosion. April will be White Day and Google companies looking to ThinkGeek are trying to cleanse by being strange and just believing in danger.

We give the web for the funny and biggest joke that is present, whether tulip or koala is with leopard spots.

The Google Maps app has turned to an old school video game with a Play Snake attribute. Tap the snake icon, play a game and select from a selection of destinations including San Fracisco, Tokyo and Cairo. It controls you on a red two-car bus, street car or other transport method that is appropriate for the city. You then have a snake and lift passengers. It's a bit of fun.

Google says that an interactive buzz will keep going for about a week, although you can go to a specific Google Maps Snake website after the app has finished.

Google Maps does a snake game to the app.

Screenshot for Amanda Kooser / CNET

Google distributed a video that included Screen Cleaner in the Files app, a pseudo-feature that is going to clean out your phone out from the inside.

Google Tulip

Google Netherlands offers a very popular video for Google Tulip, a new way to talk to the famous flowers (and the chance to speak back). "Continuing great progress in voluntary information, the Google Co-ordinator now has the ability to understand phones and Google Home tulips, which provides a translation between Tulipish and a dozen human languages, "Google said.

It turns out that tips are not big speakers.

A astronaut is employed by the SodaStreamMe

A retired NASA astronaut binds to a SodaStream for a SodaStreamMe, a hot drinks manufacturer and imported burp power. The play plays the problems faced by astronauts in the area of ​​carbon dioxide emissions. There is a reason why astronomers don't give their first teeth in a orbit.

ThinkGeek publishes oddball products

A frivolous Geeky, ThinkGeek, wholesaler for his beautiful products is in the Fools in April, some really grown. For 2019, ThinkGeek has been filmed with a lineup that includes Banksy Toaster that burns the artist's images on bread, box Thor Mighty Mjolnir, bag with a bean (yes, it is connected to the box Friends) and All-Life Captain Captain Marvel.

The mailbox Thor Mighty Mjolnir is expected to contain "almost all."

Imagine it

Bogsa Unicorn at HelloFresh

Food delivery service HelloFresh encourages you to "eat as a mythical creature with a box of newly-reared farm rainbow, laugh and laugh all along your doorstep." The company has a fantastic Unicorn soft food package that has been fantastic. It is full of colorful frost, gummy candles and, of course, rainbow. Just don't you ask if it's healthy.

John Legere from T-Mobile of Fools in April quickly moved by publishing the Phone BoothE Friday. It appears that the pink huts are protected and they mean that they will help mobile users to speak privately on a busy urban street. A type such as a modern modern cone.

T-Mobile went ahead on 1 April with the moving Even-more-absurd Mobile (MEE) version, a portable version of the larger hut.

The Duolingo language learning app knows that it is too easy to abandon its daily uses, so for Gools Day in April, a much more challenging reminder system. Push includes an awesome black dolphin mascot that will keep you on and around, encouraging or disappointing your recording.

Contiki is going to Dogtiki

Many of April Fools' jokes are aiming to provide a form of services for people. Contiki's visiting travel specialists made this unique attraction with Dogtiki, coach tour holidays which are just for dogs.

“Now he can go alone with dogs around his age, to experience the world, to sample local tastes, taste the cultures of the different cultures and just come back with lots of friends. "said an enthusiastic dog owner. The best parts of the journey will include making the tour guide easier to try and get out of the pups that removes interaction.

Character Page of Robot-Robot

An automatic waste box manufacturer made its way naturally to the old lady about time-consuming. The Cat-Cat is a sheet of paper paper designed to tempt your cats into a snooze. The false message is full of trainers with no clue and sense of fitness, a successful combination.

Shutterstock designs a physical library

Shutterstock celebrates April 1 by removing from digital heritage and promising to open a library of full-quality bricks and mortar images of the sound of dry stocks and unpleasant dams. “The first synthesis, Cyanotypes, replacing libraries, which will quickly investigate the extensive catalog catalog, will help support subscribers to their chosen image, video or music, "said Shutterstock.

Honda Pastport recalls the 90s

The Pastora Honda looks like a typical outside SUV, but it's another story inside. Honda's ad joke highlights the effects of throwing in the 1990s, which includes a digital clock, a cassette-to-CD converter, a tenant with a machine and a dial-up receiver. box of gloves. That is a pocket chips.

Martin's bottle locked with space space

What does the smell of a space look like? Lockers have been locked up for Gools Day in April and named Vector. The company says that the smell “shows a deep metallic foundation” with a clean, untidy feel “balanced with a shallow, shallow, violent fire that flames as smoke in the atmosphere”. “I inspired a sample, which is just a smell.

Lockheed Martin is indeed a small level of Vector, which is designed to respond to the realization of astronomers in the smell of space.

Koalas with leopard spots

The Tourism of Australia provides a strong reason for organizing a trip on the land below when it depicted a soft calf's love hitting some leopard spots. “We have not yet identified why only bumblebees are blessed with extraordinary significance, but we are confident that this is indeed a little poem as a jealous of his friends,” wrote the tourist group.

Mr Potato is losing his job

Children are now only potatoes. Hasbro burnt his famous Mr Potato's teddy bear in April 1 and added a substitute option to Mr Avo Head, a bearded avocado.

Winterrun University

Directory of Australian classes Launched one of the most complex sites in Glen Fools by the introduction of Winterrun University, courses for Game of Thrones and learning the Lord of the Rings fans. they need a dragon to fight and be carrying. Finding a course working as a book Choose Your Own Adventure.

Learn all the skills you need to survive in Westeros.

McPickle Burger

While the restaurant was well in McDonald's and the USA was involved in the offer t audio-savory dough, McDonald's Australia won the day with all-McPickle Burger pickles. Pickle supporters were very impressive about a beautiful burger.

Logitech renames the wire without a wire

In one of the sensible tricks of the day, Logitech decided that "wireless mouse" was not an exact enough name for the computer at the edge. Instead, it's going with a hamster, because wireless mice have no tails.

We'll be updating this role as Fools Day fun jumps emerge, so look back for the latest developments and bone.

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