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Game review: The legend of Warriors: Paths from the Cold Steel to PS4

The Last Legend: Cold Steel Tours (PS4) – think of Man but you are in the army t

Our first entry into Falcom's best players game comes to PlayStation 4 and confirms that it is a really accessible and fun experience.

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The Japanese developer Falcom is celebrating their 38th birthday this month. This is a remarkable achievement for any games company, at least one small Japanese studio that has not been played by most of the west players. They survived so long by knowing their audiences and making sure that they play games role play, they make sure they do well.

One invisible factor outside Falcom is that they only made games for personal computers that were not widely used outside Japan. That means that key titles like Dragon Slayer 1984, which have become a major Legend story, are close to their country. Just as most Americans and Japanese people had not heard of the designers of Sinclair Spectrum.

Falcom's license is taking slower action in the west but the Legend Of Heroes is completely disappeared from Dragon Slayer, and this subset has become the first part of a tradition. Trails Of Cold Steel first arrived in Japan in 2013, on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, but with the third entry as PlayStation 4 only the first games are also being taken over to the same format – t it is expected that every three will be available in the West, on PlayStation 4, this year.

Despite their popularity they are among fans of the genre that there is nothing strange or novel about Falcom's games, in terms of story or gameplay. Routes from Cold Steel happen at a military academy, aimed at the same class where the nobility of the country is mixing with the polloi ion. Perhaps you are thinking about how the story will change from there, especially as there is a social connection element, where, like Persona, is becoming better people. with more efficient use of battlefields.

Not only is the situation an excuse for a cross-border melodrama, and the wider plot deals with a revolution of working hard and… huge robots. That's all right, but as the series sounds, the story moves at the hunting rate, because the game is always drawn from less straightforward sub-paragraphs.

Fortunately it's going to go better, even though it is at the heart of a traditional traditional case. But there are still some interesting things, with up to four of the parties playing at the same time and the ability of two of the two support characters to support it whenever you like.

You can also move characters around the battlefield to find out about an emerging mode of attack which may be limiting their ability to season and objects. be used across the whole group. A complex system of counters and the ability to use a range of methods to take your way before you start when you mean is rare; especially because the game is good enough to get confused with enemies with weaker enemies that are not good for your enemies.

The Revolution: Cold Steel Touring (PS4) – Complex but accessible t

There are also no battles so you can see enemies moving around and trying to avoid them if you don't feel happy. And, a scale system for enemies means that there is little use for erosion. Even the game even takes on exchange enemies with the weaker parts if you go into a main point.

Doing as well as an old school player is as easy to do as possible, and this is a miller from heaven for fans of the genre. But the story draws on a little bit of fun but the game is extremely appealing to everyone else, having a fun system of laughter and the level of forgiveness problems that you are looking for – despite having try to pronounce you the moment you start.

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In terms of the PlayStation 4 version, it is actually the larger port than the disaster and although the flat rate and frame have been increased the work with the textiles and models is a direct reflection of their last genius. However, the elegant design of the arts compensates this for some degree, and the game incorporates all of the former DLC, in addition to the original Japanese trajectory and dubbing. large English language.

Routes from Cold Steel had never been changing the world, even the one of the games played for Japan. But it is still up-to-date that it doesn't feel necessary, and there is something very appealing whatever its history.

Shape: PlayStation 4
Publisher: Marvelous Games
Developer: Falcom
Dispensation Date: 29 March 2019
Age rating: 12

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