Google is closing support for Sandwich Ice Cream for Android 4.0

This does not allow Ice Cream Sandwich users to be completely tall and dry, but it will make big decisions. Many developers need to give either their applications (with and without legacy support) or to accept that they do not. lose some of the audiences they may have, so it will be small. It effectively contributes to Android 4.0 support, even though the software is still useful at some level for the upcoming period.

Google is not too disturbed. He noted that less than 1 per cent of Android users on Google Play have a 2011 seasonal running (0.3 per cent as it was at the end of October 2018). We will add that software may be too difficult to support that is far back, especially if there are designed features that can create conflict. However, more than 2 billion Android operators, however, make the decision that millions of people are gradually losing on the latest apps and Google services.

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