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Gorilla Grauer is at risk of developing Foul Mutations due to Street Stability and Improving

Some of the motions can be explained why some of the Grauer gorillas have combined numbers. There were changes to genes related to the development of a toe and toe. Researchers give warning that other species may have a similar event. (The Amy Porter Dian Fossey Gorilla International Property )

The number of Grauer threatened at risk has been severely triggering the decades and has lost the genetic diversity that is now in existence; survival threatens its species.

Submit Number of Population to Inbreeding

In a new study published in the magazine Current biology On Thursday, Love Dalén, from the Swedish Natural History Museum, and co-workers ordered the genomes of a number of east gorillas chimneys collected for hundreds of years ago.

Then they compared the results and those of the East East Gorilla, also known as Gorillas Grauer, who live in the Democratic Republic. Chongo.

The findings showed that Grauer's gorms had accumulated harmful damage because the genetic diversity of the species decreased dramatically in just generations.

The Grauer gorilla population has reduced by 80% over the last decades due to poaching and habitat loss.

As a result of the coverage number there was more, because relatives are more likely to be with a smaller population. As a result, he lost genetic diversity and harmful neglect.

Donate Mutations

Dailén and colleagues identified a number of brilliants who could be a dangerous increase in frequency over four to five generations of Gorilla Grauer.

Some of these were found in a gene that affects male fertility and disease. These changes allow the species that are less capable of changing to new and emerging diseases. move.

The researchers also identified benefits that have lost jobs in the gene related to branch and door developments, which can explain why the numbers of Grauer forests have tied numbers.

Dalén and colleagues commented that the findings recognize the need to address the population of their population in Gorilla Grauer. There are fewer than 4,000 species today, and Gorilla Grauer is now listed as a major danger.

"The recent increase in harmful conversations has emphasized the need to stop the ongoing decline in Grauer woodland," said Dalén.

Other species are also at risk

The researchers also gave warnings that other species may be able to; suffering the same cause as a result of falling numbers.

"Many species have decreased the decline of population decline in the centuries and may have a similar genomic impact as reported here for Gorillas Grauer. In species with a long time shorter generation, these effects may even be more difficult due to faster genomic change, "researchers wrote in their study.

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