Helmut Oberlander attempts to appeal a citizenship strike over a Nazi unit over Canada | News

TORONTO – An old man has launched another challenge to lose citizenship and to do so; It could be taken out to lie to Canadian authorities about its membership in the Nazi war during the Second World War.

The appeal from Helmut Oberlander comes despite the fact that a Federal Court judge recently ruled that Ottawa was reasonably done in the case; case and limit its appeal capability.

Solicitors from Oberlander, 94, of Waterloo, Ont refused. Friday to talk about the application service that was submitted this week, so the legal basis for its operation was not immediately visible.

However, in a letter sent to the court, the federal government made it clear that it aimed at the form. The letter also asks that the application of the application of the application to the court of the Union Bar Court will be reviewed.

The Ukrainian-born Oberlander, who came to Canada in 1954 and became a citizen of six years after that, has been firmly maintained that he was only 17 when the pain of behaviors was forced to go inside the dead team Nadsaidh Einsatzkommando X, called Ek 10a. The team was responsible for killing nearly 100,000 people, most of the Jews.

In June 2017, the government caused citizenship citizenship to do so; disappeared for a fourth time since the mid-1990s, and Encourage his attempt at the moment to stop removal.

Earlier this month, Judas Michael Phelan Federal Court welcomed his previous decision that the government was reasonable to struggling citizenship from Oberlander. Phelan found that Oberlander had disaggregated his military functions although there was no evidence that he took part in any disturbance.

"It is no evidence that Oberlander has given Canada citizenship with a false representation or by hearing substantive situations by failing to publish & # 39 ; participating in the SS during immigration screening, "wrote Pelan. "There is no doubt that it would have been the result of a citizenship claim denied."

Pelan also refused to "prove a big question of general importance" that would allow Oberlander to apply for his / her benefit; own decision under immigration law.

It may still be possible for Oberlander to impose a Federal Appeal Court to hear his case for reasons outside the Immigration Act but he does not. higher court hearing only a fraction of cases decided by a Federal Court.

In September, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Canada should never have been a "safe place for offenders of war and those who have been opposed to crimes, who have committed crime against humanity."

Colin Perkel, The Canadian Media

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