Honda, NASA, & Caltech are sending a & # 39; breaking a fluoride battery

fluoride battery

Published December 8, 2018
by Steve Hanley

December 8, 2018 le Steve Hanley

Lithium is one element that's good for making batteries, but not the same thing. Flouride – the largest digitic element in a seasonal record – is also suitable for the work. In fact, fluoride batteries are capable of making 10 hours more energy harder than the lithium batteries. But so far, they would have to heat 150 ° Celsius (300 ° F for those who lived in British colonies before) to work.

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Related research team from Honda, NASA, and Caltech have acquired that problem by creating new, new, electrolyte, & # 39; BTFE call that allows fluoride to be distributed at room temperature, depending EngadgetPost Office When used in a prototype batteries made of copper, lanthanum, and fluorine, the new battery can be discharged and re-activated at room temperature. The "favorable performance finding" is also a prototype as a lithium battery, according to Honda. There is no word of how good it is in the winter when the thermometer is well below "room temperature."

Can you think what battery would do with 10 times the energy density of the current batteries for an electric car driving range? The interesting times are, of course, about it. But some bridges are first cleaned. For anything, the anod and cats and prototype products tend to be completely discharged in the electrolyte.

That is a problem, but the hard team is working to try to solve it. If they can solve the rise of high operating temperatures, babies and cats that do not spread out as children's play.

One thing to do is & # 39; making improvements in the laboratory. Another thing is to go to & # 39; Turn these products into easy-to-do and commercially-efficient materials. Do not look for fluoride batteries in EVan anytime everywhere. There were not many extraordinary miracles outdoors. This could be another dead one in a long series of unexpected battery research anywhere.

Despite this, the aims are extremely good and Honda, NASA, and Caltech do not. complaining about Bunsen and boxers in a late night garage. We need to start the next step in the battery development & # 39; as possible to move the net energy forward, but Nature does not submit their requests to their secret. Patience;

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