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Housewalks are located in the north of the Edmonton area

Fire inspectors still appear in the mid-center of Edmonton after the explosion of a house and as a result, a fire was set by Westwood by mid-Monday.

Emergency teams responded to explosion reports around 11:40 a.m. The Tim Famulak regional fire officer at the scene was near 120 Avenue and 102 Street.

"They said there were doors away, the windows were blown, front and side flames, and so we did a defense attack because we were really involved when we arrived," said Famulak. Five units answered plus police and emergency medical services.

Famulak confirmed that the fire had been discharged and the front door was split off, but the reason remains unidentified.

Next door neighbor, Hope Robinson-Smyke, said she was a kitchen when she heard a big bang and burst the blast into her home.

"It seemed like someone was plowed into the house or something fell through the roof," she said. "The front door frame was swept away from the house very large."

She said that the sound was not exacerbated by anything that she had heard before, but the fire was in a hurry control when fire rescue services came.

Fire teams were working to control the flames and smokes of smoking still appeared out of the remains of the roof of the house on Monday, with the main floor of the house destroyed. The fire had control over 1 p.m., Famulak, with plans to turn the scene over to fire inspectors to determine the purpose and damage after it had been completely abolished.

"There is little damage to the places to the side, without any fires," he said.

No resident was found at home or around when emergency teams came up and did not know where the resident was, Famulak said.

Robinson-Smyke said that there was a person living in the house alone, but he did not see it between Monday before the end of the explosion.

The relatives of the person who lived in the home came in completely to see the house in flames and they were happy to hear it was not inside.

Edmonton's policeman was currently involved in nearby homes, as many neighbors in the area were outside; Look at the mountaineers who put the flames on them.

"At any time there is an explosion, EPS is always curious," said Famulak.

Renovation of the purpose of the fire is expected when the survey is ready, without a timeline based.

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