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How to get Amazon's Free Priority

After a year of describing the Amazon cure for staff, privacy banking materials, and large government tax returns, some stop their Premier membership in a campaign.

But it is to produce one feature of a company that has the people who are. hitting everything and out of your online life is going to do a lot in the way that is going on. hurt Amazon. The Amazon Web Services is the main backpack on the internet and it's all-but-missed. Main subscription costs $ 12.99 per month. Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world and has more money than God. In 2017, Amazon accounted for 44% of US sales.

You never have a dentist in the Amazon profit by typing a Prime Minister. It's more fun – and probably more effective – to be scratched in the gears. That's why I'm considering paying for Priority, and always use my exams for free.

I've been doing this for years, and on the way to go to # 39; doing so pretty much, I've been doing once or twice, so you can learn from my mistakes.

Step 1: Open a new email account
You probably have used your daily email address as a first test test, which means you can not use it again to get a new test. Open your favorite email service – Yahoo, AOL, MSN-and start a new address. I'll avoid Gmail burners because I was going to; Using Google materials for many things and this may be crazy. Just do not use any of the e-mail address services (such as Fake Email or Guerrilla Mail) that you will not allow access to a secure inbox, because you need to use this box to confirm your test and confirmation of order updates.

Note: Most email providers will complete the number of accounts that will be sent; You could open with the same phone number. Because you connect to & # 39; Email and then Amazon's account to the details of your credit card, you may also want to make a duplication of dancers too. If you want to be secure, you can purchase a voluntary phone number and use that number for a 2fa text code.

When you hit a top, move on to the next e-mail user. There are hundreds out there. One day, if I live to be hundreds of years of age, I will run out of e-mail users. But that's the case of a global glossary: ​​no.

Step 2: Get a password manager
This is an essential part of the game. Do not put it out. Take away from me-you want to keep the paths straightforward straightforward, once you've done a dozen pairs. Not only do you have to remember the logging certificates for your Amazon account, but also the stream email accounts.

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Use the Lastpass or the preferred password manager, if you have no one already. The use of a password manager will also help to make sure your online life is usually more secure.

Step 3: Start your test
Find out what Amazon account you have already and start a new one with the email address you made. Then, Try Prime hit anywhere on the site. You can find it, it's wild everywhere and does not just leave yourself. Go ahead and Priority "Try".

He will ask you to add your credit card, but that's right. We'll make sure Amazon does not; currently worrying the Prime Minister.

At this time, Amazon does not seem to provide strict rules on which free exams one person can register. Some people in this Reddit thread say Amazon has stopped their exams after about 30 records. Amazon Prime terms and conditions do not mean that you can not continue to install a free trial, although it says that a & # 39; Company "to complete your First Membership according to our wish without warning."

I sent an email to Amazon to ask if, or how, to track New Accounts, and update if I hear it back.

Step 4: Complete your lawsuit
It's time to circulate Jeff Bezos. Just after the start of a lawsuit, move directly to complete it.

To do this, go to Your Account in the highest bar, and then Prime Minister. It may be a moment to put your test into place – there is a slight amount when you sign up when these options are available – but then you will see a breakdown of your membership on the # 39; left bar. Near the bottom, there is a link that says "Final Trial and Benefits" or "Remember me before it's renewed." Remember, you may not be able to; confirm which email address you signed to, so you want end it is not remembered.

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From here you will be guided by the most familiar ecology that I have seen. Step carefully, and click on "Cancel My Benefits", just like the site is; trying to get rid of it.

After a few attempts to keep you, you will find a page to turn off. In a small print, you can see that this option terminates your membership at the end of one month, and you can use the test benefits to then.

I learned my interest about not having to get rid of the hard drive once. I forgot to complete the test and I saw that Amazon paid me for membership for months not to be completed – and I did not have any idea of ​​the guilty email address. I would have to sign in to every Amazon account and an emailbox (almost I did not forget the password, because I was not using Lastpass yet), to try Find the opponent and cancel the application. Do not like me, I want you to sit this mistake.

Step 5: Life to life

It is free to use the advantages of a Prime Minister for the next 30 days, no cost. Sometimes I will add a memorial to my calendar when it's; come to an end, so I know when I'll update if I need it. But because you've finished the lawsuit just as it started, it does not have to remind yourself, and indeed, the site will continue to run; Remind you that your benefits come to an end each time you log in. This process every 30 days on your dot can do a new one when you need it.

Phase of a bonus: Look in

Check out how often you will & # 39; using Amazon Prime for a little dumb jack you could catch at a small local shop. Someday, Amazon may change as it verifies new accounts. Maybe that day is today. So far, you can live fast and die with free goods.

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