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The largest meteor shower of the year will occur; This month, which gives us an amazing vision in the night wings. All the information you need for RT to enjoy the holistic show.

It is an annual meteorite show in the Geminids that will take place in December, when the land is going through a dusty dusty debris that fires up in the atmosphere.

This includes a spectacular scenery show that is Hundreds of hunting stars look like flying through the air. The Geminids have a greater size than any other meteor shower and can include colors such as red, blue and yellow.

The dust debris comes from 3200 Phaethon, a strange rocky thing called an asteroid but which may be a buddy – science is not sure. Meteor breaks tend to come from woods, making the Geminids more unusual.

So how can you see this amazing show?

The Geminids start on December 4 and arrives on 13 December, 14 or 15, depending on the range of time you are viewing.

NASA's recommendation goes out after 10:30 p, or when does it go? moon is located, and to find the darkest place to be seen. Those living in rural areas can see the exhibition more clearly than the urban areas, and so residents of a city who likes the event should take into account a trip to -mach from & # 39; town.

After changing your eyes for about 30 minutes, the Geminid ridge starts over in clubs, with gaps between all visual laughter.

By 2m, the meters will increase to around 100 a.m. in more darker areas, with the expectation of seeing people who are in a darker area, live in the villages 30-40 per hour, and people in cities can even see even less.

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The Geminids are named after the Games star dispute. This is a plane in the air where the rescue devices appear to be & # 39; coming from, called the name. However, this is not the result of the diversity and will be visible across the air, and NASA definition.

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