Human Rights Organizations to Sundar Pichai: Listen to your staff and Halt Project Dragonfly


EFF, as part of a consortium of over sixty human rights groups under Human Rights Watch and International Amnesty – they have questions for Sundar Pichai, Google's Director. Reduces and facts are constantly being discharged from Google about "Dragonfly Project," secret plan to generate a search engine; is designed to create a disability for China. Media statements based on the company's sources have said the project was read to launch quickly, even as it was kept secret even by Google's security and privacy experts.

These stories block the unimportant responses we gave in previous letters. On Pichai's afternoon, which is summoned to the House of Judgment Committee, we have repeatedly reaffirmed our concerns, and asks Google to stop the Dragonfly Project completely.

Silicon Valley companies are aware of how dangerous it is possible to submit markets without being able to; consider the influence of human rights than they do. Ten years ago, following the Yahoo problem in & # 39; arrested and arrested Shi Tao's journalist, and Google himself has a " Breaking in creating a consistent Firewall compatible search service, compatible companies such as Microsoft, Google and Yahoo will work with independent experts in Global Network Enterprise to use new technology to control on human rights. Members of the US Congress which is involved in Google and the collaboration of other technology companies by other governments, has been supportive of this open, responsive way.

But under the direction of Pichai, Google seems to have been given not only for outside advice; it appears that the company has taken into account the advice of its own privacy and security experts. An Transition An article based on statements made by four who worked on the Dragonfly Project said the head of Google jobs in China "expressed members of a security and privacy team from key meetings of the search engine … and tried to a privacy review on the plan that was about to deal with human rights abuse that may be. "

If that description is correct, Google is cast out not just human rights experts and advice; Transport itself about getting into China; he is ejecting the instructions of engineers himself.

An open and consolidated letter says:

Chinese authorities would have access to personal data, as described in media reports, particularly in a careless way. If these features were launched, there is a real danger that Google would just help Chinese government to arrest or just arrest people for their comments online, and # 39; make its company a & # 39; ban in human rights fighting. This risk was identified by a security and privacy monitoring team, according to existing and existing Google staff. Despite attempts to minimize internal scrutiny, a team that was responsible for Dragonfly's assessment was; decided that Google would be expected to work in China as part of the management policing system of the Communist Party and survey ", according to a media report.

Google's guide led by an engine to change my & # 39; Going into the Chinese market for ten years ago. Back then, it backed back from Google's connection to the future of China's search situation. This bravery, and a deep understanding of his power and the responsibility of the company's team; behaviors when she brings technology. We hope that their CEO will show the same kind of bravery tomorrow when they go; Cleaning about the Dragonfly Project to the Judicial Committee, and does not hiding behind simple explanations, and commitments made publicly, but being broken in secret.

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