Hundreds of very clear meters for painted Vancouver Metro paintings

In this month, Vancouverites are privately owned for one of the best shows. at the meteors of the year – Gemini meteor flas.

The mirror peaks are from December 13 to 14, and it is making a weapon of shooting stars. In particular, this astrally distributed display makes more than one meteor per minute, which is means up to 100 of the bright stars every time.

Last month, the Leonid meteor shower was seen by Vancouver, which also created very clear meters; However, November's rainfall did not make the most of the fastest corridors. Leonid's shower ranges 10 to 15 at the highest rate per hour, compared to the 100 hour meteors; The Geminid can be.

The Geminids come from the Games accordion, but they may be watched over the night sky.

"For the best results, you should look a bit away from Gemini so you can see longer tail steps" as they crawl; It will look just like Gemini just a & # 39; show you crafts that do not travel long enough, "a Space Management.

As a result of their speed, the light bulldogs will become clear paths. By saying that, star hunts should still travel as far away from the city's lights as possible to avoid light contamination that can be avoided. expresses the clarity of strange groups. Although this works better in more remote locations, there is also any higher level of place that provides better views.

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