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By the age of 60, one in three American women has hysterectomy. Although hysterectomy is a common and normal lann lann, the uterus may be removed before natural micro-mental problems have occurred in memory of mental processes.

Researchers in the Arizona State University Department of Psychology discovery of radon detectors; including removal of the uterus with left memory memorials, which suggests that the uterus may be more than a reproduction of actions. The inspection will be published on 6 December BordersSouth Westerly

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Non-religious textbooks used in medical and graduate schools refers to the uterus having the same function to take place and his / her; supporting beus or as a non-replacing organ without replacing. However, evidence comes from research into animals and people who are experiencing a ' praise such a thing.

The uterus and ovar interact for breeding activities, but there are direct links between the uterus and the brain through the organization's independent system. The strange devolution system co-ordinates unproductive actions as breath and build. The uterine brain connections that are known can affect mental and emotional functions. affecting older women.

"A bit of research has shown that women who had been receiving hysterectomy but maintaining their herbs were a greater risk of dementia if the venue- medicine before being a natural mesh. This product is likely, "said Heather Bimonte-Nelson, a professor of psychology and senior author; Sub-paper "We wanted to explore and understand if the uterus could affect brain work."

The female rack research team used to routinely examine the role of the uterus and the adults in learning and memory. The rats were divided into four groups based on the type of menopause hand translation. The three tested groups: a & # 39; remove the uterus with all remaining eggs, and remove the uterus with a uterus left and forth; removing both the uterus and the stomach. A fourth attacking group found in which no reproductive organism was removed.

Six weeks after the surgery, the researchers taught the four groups of rats as they used to fly asthma. Once all the rads have been learned on this work, the researchers investigated the memory of the rats. The team also looked at the organic organs and hormones.

"These tests prove the place of the uterus in mental changes that accompany menopause. The researchers will use a number of surgical methods used effectively for women affected by oophorectomy, hysterectomy, or both. This is possible to recommend, "said Donna Korol, of biology at the University of Syracuse that was not part of the study. "One of the beauty of this experimental design is sampling a variety of steps from the one tree, which offers opportunities for comparisons within animals across many systems."

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During the memory tests, the rats would sail on a waterburst that seemed like a sunburst, with eight arms; move from a circular center. There were platforms across the end of some of the arms, and the swinging rats were needed to find an hidden platform. At the start of the test, the researchers found four platforms to find rats. After a runner-up radan, the researcher removed it for his rest of the day. Then the rat started to be excavated again, a & # 39; Looking for the remaining platforms and remembering both where there were previously advanced platforms and what arms were always empty.

With two down platforms and two, find the search engine that it was rats; who had only been removed the uterus that could not be removed; handle more souvenirs. Those rats were returning to places where there was never a platform, and show that they were unable to remember which arms had been excavated; going to platform.

The other generays did not affect how many rats the rats made in the curtains. The remaining rats just caused the faults or errors; removing the fabrics and the uterus that had a similar address to a & # 39; The organization had the medicine center.

"Negative and indirect effects have been removed by a medication just the work reminder uterus, or the level of radiation information at the same time, and # 39 ; the impact we saw after his rats learned his chastening rules "said Stephanie Koebele, ASU graduating student and his first author on his / her; paper.

Medium hormonal riddle

At the end of the survey, researchers looked at the size, shape and structure of the uterus in all the groups. The graves of the hysterectomy-only group were out of the caves at their umbrella surgery, keep up the candles and the uterus.

The research team also measured the amount of different hormone in the blood, such as progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. It is a chemistry that contains the hormones that make the body that; rule orders and body systems and send information. The hormone levels were in the hysterectomy-only group only by a scam surgery, although these two groups still had ramps.

"Even though the structure was similar across all the groups, the hormones made in the hysterectomy group that only had a different hormone impact," said Koebele, who has co -the National Institute of Aging Committee for its research inquiry Post-Heterosexuality: Hormones affect both brain and other physical systems, and their profile may have a bearing hormonal without having an impact on becoming more interesting and can create health hazards. "

To exactly how the modified hormone statue affects its & # 39; becoming more interesting or creating health risks is difficult but it is very important for research and understanding.

"It's not hard to be difficult," said Bimonte-Nelson, who is the UUA Professional Admissions guide of Memory and Aging Lab. Her work is currently trying to lose her memory after a hysterectomy has been circulated over time or her; begins with more accurate memory damage.

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