In the time of an online shop, Black Friday still has a & # 39; bringing people

Joseph Pisani, Anna D 'Innocenzio and Claire Galofaro, The Associated Press

Published Saturday, November 24, 2018 8:15 AM EST

NEW YORK – It would be easy to install their computers at home over airplane aircraft. left and catching on the Black Friday who will Most retailers now offer online.

But throughout the country, thousands of shopkeepers came to Thanksgiving shops or woke up before the end of the next day to take part in this famous ceremony of American users.

Shoppers spent their holiday outside Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, with 4 p.m. Thursday, and the population had moved to 3,000 people when the doors opened at 5 a.m. Friday morning. In Ohio, a group of women was so sure, placed a place on the hotel room today today to be closer to the sources. In the city of New York, one woman was directly from a dance club to a department store in midnight.

Many shopkeepers said a black Friday has been watching the scene because it is about door contracts.

Kati Anderson said she stopped at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, a Friday morning for concessionary clothing as well as "the people who watched." His friend, Katie Nasworthy, told her to go to the world instead of buying online due to & # 39; She loves to see Christmas decorations.

"It's not really a Christmas feeling so far," said Kim Bryant, a & # 39; Buying in Denver suburbances with her daughter and her friend, who had risen at 5:40 am, and then they came in when the doors were opened at 6 am

Brick-and-mortar stores have been working hard to prove that they can use the competition from online behemoth Amazon. From Macy to Target and Walmart, retailers combine the online positioning and resources with new devices such as digital maps on smartphones and more options for purchasing customers on- line and construction at stores. And customers, unhappy with long distance search lines, can watch at Walmart and other sources by a salesman in a resource channel.

Users duplicated their online orders that they built at stores from Wednesday to October Thanks, according to Adobe Analytics, tracking online costs.

Priscilla Page, 28, broke its order number to a cottage near the mouth of Walmart in Louisville, Kentucky. She got a good choice online for a gift for her sweetheart, and reached the shop to bring her back.

"I never did a Friday Black-shop before," she said, when the staff gave her a brief summary later. "I've been the patient's ever since. Crowds, lines, waiting, not quite anything. This was a lot easier."

The holiday shopping season offers a huge test for the US economy, with the overall growth to date this year is responsible for a barrier to consumer costs. The Americans spent their spending in the first half of 2018 at the strongest four-year pace, but sales sales benefits have recently fallen. The sales bills over the next month will be a good proof of whether users stop their breath or are not so optimistic about the economy in 2019.

The National Retail Federation, the nation's retail trading agency, expects to sell a holiday sales; Increase to 4.8 per cent by 2017 for a total of $ 720.89 billion. The sales show appears slowly from 5.3 per cent last year, but is still healthy.

The retail economy also casts to turn to online shops. Over the last 12 months, sellers buy within assets such as Amazon at 12.1% as retail sales at traditional department stores have reduced by 0.3%. Adobe Analytics reported on Thursday that $ 3.7 billion Exhibition Thanksgiving took place in the sales of online shops, up to 28 per cent from the one hundred years ago. For Black Friday, online costs were going to go to # 39; hitting more than $ 6.4 billion, according to Adobe.

Target said buyers bought things a big ticket like Us, iPads, and Apple Watches. The favorite toys business included Lego, L.O.L. Shit from MGA Entertainment and Mattel's Barbie. He said gamers were building video games games such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

Others said they were fighting on deeper savings. Bethany Carrington was successful in $ 29 in cincinnati, and he used all-in-one troubles for her husband's nose's hair needs and, for $ 17, "was the biggest one in Mr Potato I have ever seen. "

Black Friday itself has died from one day when early people rise to bring door skip to a full month of contracts. There were not many major shops including Macy's, Walmart and Target to start their events at Taingge afternoon. But some of the families stand up with their traditions at Black Friday.

"We were giving a boycot for Thursday companies: that's the day for families. But the Friday event is just for fun," said Michelle Wise, Buying at Park Meadows Mall in Denver with her daughters, Ashleigh aged 16 years of age and age 14 Avery.

By Friday, there were no broad reports about the accident that was inspired by a vehicle that has been the hub for digital torch mice over concessionary television or sales items.

Two men at the Alabama center went into their fight and opened one of the fire, burning the other and the 12 year old, and both to the hospital with injuries. They shot their police and killed the gunman. Authorities have not said whether the event was related to the purchase of Black Friday or if it grew from an unconnected controversy.

Candice Clark came to Walmart in Louisville with her 19-year-old daughter, Desiree Douthitt, looking around and said how calm it was. They have been a long time involved in Black Friday contracts and for years they were the breeding of the population and the riot. Mac a 'Chlèirich, about 10 years ago, was hit in the # 39; head with a griddle when retailers were over. They saw one woman who looked Taser and her; threatened to use anyone who came between her and her wild pot who wanted.

They have been overlooking the years because traditional daylight has declined when the shops were moved online and their stores ranged from one-day sprint to a daily marathon .

"It seems to be quite normal here," said Roy Heller, when he arrived at Louisville Walmart, who was selling a meal on Friday, but he was surprised that even he & # 39; he needs to stand.

He had been trying to buy a robber for his son on Amazon, but was sold out. Last Monday, he found the internet unfortunately and found one single robot at Walmart, 25 miles away from his house. He bought it online and came an hour to build it.

Staff gave his bag, he kept up and said: "I got the last one in Louisville!"


Galofaro is based in Louisville, Kentucky. Jeff Martin, a journalist at Associated Press in Atlanta, Ryan Tarinelli in Dallas, Katie Foody in Denver, Angie Wang in Cincinnati, Amy Taxin from Costa Mesa, California also contributed to this report

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