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Intensive interiors are better at the loss of weight to complete inspection

A new study has concluded that intensive interim training (HIIT) tends to be more effective in reducing the weight of continuous intermediate training (MOD). The survey, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, has a systematic review of 36 inspections earlier.

Researchers said they were in the inspections that they were looking at HIIT are usually marked as attempts & # 39; Nearly the highest & core level achieved ≥80% of the amount; higher than a subject. They also looked at international sprint training (SIT) which generally meant that there were turns & # 39; out & forth. The MOD has been stated as an ongoing effort that marks 55% -70% of the highest heart level.

The survey found that both MOD and HIIT would lose weight, but those who participated in HIIT training lost 29 per cent more fat.

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The researchers said: "Interim training is an attractive choice to address too much emphasis on providing benefits that are similar to continuous and medium-sized training and that need less time . "

However, they gave a warning to interim training "that they could be the risk that could be injured and to emphasize the increase in cardiac".

They also note that the wide variety of interim training programs included in their study "makes it difficult to propose in general that there is one special protocol & best to change corporate body. "

Dr Niels Vollaard, a lecturer in health science and exercise at Stirling University, told the BBC that the results showed that although most people burn more anger during a fairer exercise.

"There are two definitions," he said. "Initially, HIIT could take more energy spending after exercise – increasing metabolism for up to one day after a HIIT session.

"Secondly, after a HIIT session, you may not be so hungry. In our research, we have confirmed that hormonalists have a big impact.

"It is not easy to investigate, however, whether the use of energy is reduced as a result of the long term when the HIIT rule continues, and so at this time we still do not know what the reason is. "

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