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It is a squid that is in a new Plastic exercise, and a comment on the study

Hawaiian Bobtail Squid Team. Image: Chris Frazee and Margaret MacPhail-Ngai

Plastic pollution causes damage to the oceans by making it possible; poisoning animals and pollution of marine environments, but scientists believe that there can be a solution to her; sea ​​- herring tents.

Squid has produced complex proteins in the waters, a lovely cup that runs the tents. The protons are used to build rubbish ring teeth (SRT), a spiky circle of biopolymer material within the clothes that allows the animals to catch raid.

Scientists of scientists Abdon Pena-Francesch and Melik Demirel University scientists of State Penn State could think SRT could be engineered as a renewable center promising for plastics.


Art concept on ring ring teeth. Image: ACS

Fortunately, that would not mean to be & # 39; picking off an offensive shrimp for their sugar teeth. In a survey published on Thursday Limitations in Chemistry, the team tells of how bacteria are like E. coli be a generation to a generation to include business dimensions of the special protein that SRT makes as flexible, strong, and environmentally friendly.

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The material has the specific molecular properties that come from a protein that contains; represent each other. This division produces complex molecular structures that are complex; come from standard prescribed types to torches of material.

Due to its proportionality, synthetic SRTs may be included in text so that less textile fiber fabrics are reduced into the laundry device, which is an incredible source massive ocean traffic pollutants. It could also be used to create protective films that could be protected to protect them from a chemical and biological war, according to the team.

"Squid proteins can be used to create recurrent materials for a range of areas including energy and biomedicine, as well as the security and protection department," said Demirel.

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