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It is Bubble, Translated by Dark Power in; globe

Dark Power

A new theory of attestation can be applied to; makes sense not just on the cèilidh-cricket that is Extensions and dimensions, but also wire theory and dark energy.

According to the new model, proposed in the magazine Corporate Review Correspondence with researchers from Uppsala University, its entire cèilidh is a riding with a bubble expanding in an "extra measurement" – which waulks with dark energy and which; go into the string that stretches out and then respond to everything that does.


The paper is very dense and theoretical. But the new, amazing theory that he gives, which the authors say, gives a new vision of creating and the final destination of the cosmos.

In the long view, however, physical experts have suggested a great deal of model for the globe over the years – many of which we have covered here at Futurism. The truth: so that theory does not respond to the evidence; already but help to & # 39; defining new results, the road will be to a consensus long.

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