Jailbreaking will be featured as Cydia "app store" co-workers

With Andrew O'Hara
Friday, December 14, 2018, 09:30 pm PT (12:30 m.m. ET)

The closing end of jailbreaking with iOS may be as the Cydia Company officially closes this week, and # 39; Provide a once-ever community opportunity that is a successful success of an app broadcasting platform.

Cydia Partnership

News Source: Technology News World

The creator Jay Saurik created the statement in a Reddit Squirrel on Thursday, confirming the main resource of the jailbreaking community app.

At the highest level, Cydia was able to support a small team who had been able to support. promised to keep up, but that time has gone long ago. Recently, Cydia has been doing anything beside Saurik, instead of spending thousands of dollars every month, mentions his mental health.

"It's the fact that I wanted to just shut down Cyd Cydia completely by the end of the year, and he was thinking of moving up to a timetable," Saurik said RedditSouth Westerly

Saurik was currently planning to; closing down Cydia, but a recent security problem was detected, and could be recorded for endangered users. This has led to significant developers such as Nullpixel and Andy Wiik for submitting statements asking users to remove their PayPal information from their accounts.

"I think he made a good decision for his own health," said Andy Wiik Light Heavy Extreme, saying that he does not think he'll continue to. community to stay on it.

Although it is not possible to make more purchases through Cydia, the repo will be around it, allowing customers to buy purchases or buy through third parties.

Additional information from Saurik will be provided with more detailed information about future futures for Cydia as well as rising and falling.

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