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Jake Gyllenhaal - Mysterio will tell

We know it for months. He is famous for a long time. The film is ready to burn. But it has not been officially confirmed that Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Mysterio is unusual Spider-Man: far from home – so far. The actor used to come to Instagram to determine his position (which despite being placed in his legs), and Share video off itself to break through Mysterio-trom Spider-Man amazing Case # 311, reducing the comic with a terrible face and shouting "Woah … what's the f?" in a rare mirror HomecomingDelicious dungeon view. The writing section says: "I just understood that I do not play Spider-Man."

Gyllenhaal's Mysterio – Scientist has a unique and expert influence that uses his talents; Spidey's very worrying customers worry – signifying her & # 39; The first person with a large screen body is a classmate, and he is sure to worry Peter Parker at Tom Holland. Including – CHANGE SPOILER IMPROVING INFINITY – the child is only just collected on dust, that is. Hey, it's a rough year. Far from Home Starting on Level 4 of the MCU just two months later Avengers 4 capturing the big screen, and sends Parker and his friends all over the world – the film was shot in such a way as London, Prague and Venice, and so it seems that a class trip th; in Europe to be on the cards for the wire.

What's still is to be seen as it is Far from Home Promotion, by keeping Spider-Man livelihood on events that will be set in the ultra-secret Avengers 4Next Time Will we get Gyllenhaal officially dressed in the coming months? To consider how long & # 39; as it is given to authenticate its character officially, we do not; We hope up for that at any time as soon as possible. Spider-Man: far from home due to the houses on 5 July 2019.

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