Japanese asteroid rovers are continuing to & # 39; putting extraordinary pictures of their alien surface – BGR

It has been in existence for a few months ago by the Japanese jazz group (JAXA) robots activated to the surface of the asteroid called Ryugu. The "mothership" Hayabusa-2 put the bots down to explore the surface of the space crest and restore readings to Earth, and we can see the images shortly after they came.

Now, how JAXA is preparing for a more urgent move of the mission – a discovery that allows Hayabusa-2 sample of back to & # 39; cleansing rock before turning back to Earth – its space organization showing more of the horrible images of the nobility.

The images were captured by the "hopping" small roots that JAXA was suited to investigate the asteroid. The problem on the rock surface was too low to allow wheeled rovers, so JAXA decided on small rovers that are expected from one spot to another, draw images on the way. The result is a series of images of a very rocky landscape.

JAXA was severely damaged by the hardness of the asteroid surface, and the removal team was asked to delay it; Transit already because they need additional time to decide where it is.

It is important that there is a safe and landing place to go to; Permits Hayabusa-2 to be rebuilt from the surface and its; coming back to the Earth. Any damage to your spacecraft would continue while & # 39; as he was to land it in great danger.

Image Source: JAXA

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