King King's new trailer alleges Disney's waking up – all sides side by side

Disney fans are delighted because they have been expanded. first search for remake King of the Lion released.

The Lion King was first released in 1994 and is one of the largest animated films and has spent $ 968.8 million at his office. box.

So there were different fears when it was announced that Jon Favreau, who directed the remake Jungle Book, would be brought back to a big screen.

Now the lantern has fallen to us & # 39; Our first show on live-action (CGI reads, but you know what we mean) a movie with the King of the Lion by Donald Glover as Simba, and Beyonce as Nala.

The singer plays with Elton John to write a new song for the re-movement, but the movie seems to be bigger about re-inventing magic. first time at this time.

If you look at the old and new man in the train of the Lion of the Lion next to the side there are comparisons – and straight copies of shots – Feeling we are feeling we are feeling every language.

The remake certainly sends magic to its & # 39; original vibrant classics, and now all the animals seem to have survived.

This is how the lively remake complies with a classic 1994 side by side.

Solution over Savannaland

We see the warm nose rising over the Savannah, and even though the new image is not as red as it's, The first original warm-horned knob is thrown over the land that shows Baobab's beautiful trees.

It is an early indication that the Favreau version is still loyal to the 1994 classic. It is a direct copy of the original opening scene.

The picture shows the difference between animation and CGI; future tone situation too.

We will hear Mufasa say: "Everything that affects the kingdom is out." He speaks of his rule and what will happen to the Simba kingdom.

Then, as Elton John said: "But a bright sun shines, through the sapphire sky" We see the antelopes to turn when we hear the Circle of Life. All the animals come out to see Simba. There is even a similar picture on Mount Kilimanjaro, but blink and you miss it.

The birds fly over the land and we 're hearing more about Mufasa and James Earl Jones.

Savannaland 1994

A sun in the animated version of 1994

2019 Savannaland

The hottest sun rise will turn glow over the fields in the new version

The printing

Simbas's bit is seen in his father's closest look, Mufasa – the only show will appear in the new trailer.

This is one of the most spectacular and powerful images, showing how Simba goes over from his father. It also shows how long & # 39; as he needs to go, his little white legs still do not match his father's father. His first poster for the movie used the same image.

Simba's little step in the search of Mufasa in the 1994 film

The new rushes show Simba's appearance


The wildebeest stamping will overwhelm it; rock and scam behind him.

If you first see it, you will know how this vision will end, but for this we will get the new CGI convert as a wildebeest storm through the rock.

This is one of the most beautiful scenes in the Disney movie and this explains what's coming. Expecting tears.

The picture that gutts is the same as the 1994 classic.

Stampede 1994

The classic view in the 1994 trailer

Stampede 2019

King King's Replay

Pride Rock

As Pride Rock appears and we'll hear the beginning of Circle of Life that you are. back to the 1994 film. CGI is the new film, but they have even caught the atmosphere of the fields.

This is one of the most famous movie shows – and this is very obvious. The extraordinary details are also in the remake. They have made little use of the rock to make it more reasonable.

Pride Rock 1994

Pride Rock will be killed in draft 1994

Pride Rock 2019

A new Lion rushes reflects Creag Pride


As Rafiki comes over the ridge we get the right glimpse of the Mandrill, which is a kind of priest priest for pride.

He is ready to anoint Simba and give the animals.

You can see it coming near Pride Rock where it is; Breaking the product to create a red shadow that created Simba's reconstruction.

Although it is not shells in the new search, it only breaks up a type of plant that it is; surrender.

There are other differences here, Rafiki's staff are not. We think this is to make sure that it's a? look more reasonable.

We think what else changes?

Rafiki 1994

Rafiki will cut the product in a & # 39; animated classics

Rafiki 2019

The remake shows a bottle of a & # 39; move Rafiki

Symphony & Rafiki Baptism & # 39;

Other classic awareness. Rafiki will carry the red and its color; shake over Simba's brow while it's & # 39; jumping and closing his eyes. We see the same look in the new design as his mother Simba is nearby.

It is first out to look at Simba and the details so that even the wet one is the same here. Sarabi permits Simba head in her & # 39; The first one is, and so we think it's the same thing; happening here.

You see the empty gardens on both, the CGI is very interesting in the remake.

If we look for differences, Rafiki is a & # 39; Using his other hand, is that more rational too?

Simba to anointing 1994

Rafiki defines Simba

Simba to anointing 2019

Simba is marked in the new search

Ruby to Simba

The classical figure that builds up a small Simba has been reconfigured, but then it's a little volatile (and so beautiful!).

The same sentence is a little worry. All the animals will move, just like they are in the & # 39; first one. We are looking out and & # 39; See Simba air Pride Rock with the same zoom and statue used first. The only difference here is the light of the light needed. In the first one, it will be a & # 39; pokes over the clouds that are lit down on her; holly. In this new version there is not much cloud, perhaps more effective for the proper weather they would get.

Simba 1994

Rafiki will increase Simba in the 1994 film

Simba gives 2019

Little Simba in the new film

The last part of the trailer is & # 39; shows the sky of night, clouds and divisions and stars; cleaning through. You will remember the Mufasa ghost that appears to Simba, but this is like when the clouds are clear after it's going to go. affecting Scar. Mufasa tells Simba to "remember".

In the new remake there is no water, and we're showing a new picture.

Roaring Simba

The oldest Simba will return and go to; surrender of her tooth & tooth, in the new film a royal royal lion do the same thing. Flowers and everyone.

But there is a prime difference, and there may be a sign on the changing end.

In the original Simba rabbits that stand on Pride Rock, here we can see it, but this lion is more reasonable. Simba has a stronger day and the colors are not as dark and wet. Favreau is pleasing to fact, or so much & # 39; You can with animals talk …

Final view of 1994

Animated version in 1994

2019 final view

Simba is a recipe in the remake

When is the King of the Lion of War revived?

There is a Disney Lion Lion remake out July 19, 2019 with a list of stars at the shout of the CGI characters we know and love.

Donald Glover sings like Simba, Beyonce as Nala, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Chiwetel Eijofor as Scar, Alfre Woodard as Sarabi, John Oliver as Zazu, John Kani as Rafiki, Seth Rogen as Pumba, Billy Eichner as Timon, Eric Andre as Azizi and Florence Kasumba as Shenzi.

Keegan-Michael is Kamari, JD McCrary who joins Young Simba and Shahadi Wright Joseph as Young Nala.

Elton John re-uses his classical songs for the new film and Hans Zimmer has scanned.

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