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Leader of the Alberta Party Stephen Mandel was unable to run for election, aiming to bring a court to court

Head of the Alberta Party Stephen Mandel at a party event on 20 October 2018.

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The Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel is unable to run for election until 2023, but he says that he will take his / her. case to court.

Mandel, which is expected to run in Edmonton-McClung, is listed on the Alberta Elections website that is unable to run in a five-year election.

The list usually includes candidates who have not filed their financial statements over time, said the candidate of the United Kingdom Drew Westwater elections.

Mandel and five other Alberta Party nominees who have been registered unfitness can go to court and ask for an appeal, he said.

"Although this is relevant, we also believe there is a problem about the dates required because this paperwork is a result of the Canadian Elections. Because the penalties are For late late filing, we have also appealed to the Queens Bank Court to review this issue as soon as possible, "said Mandel in a Friday statement.

Alberta Ali Haymour, Diana Ly, Amrit Matharu, Moe Rahall and Rachel Timmermans have a five-year opponent.

Entries were previously submitted telling applicants the date for file, Westwater said.

"They will receive a 10-day grace in the legislation after that date to file".

The United States elections then needed to register a report with the Speaker nominating the applicants and explaining the penalties.

"In Mr Mandel's case, he sent a file but he hid it late, so it's a five year piece," said Westwater. If there are no financial statements on registration, the penalty is up to eight years.

"Based on our interpretation of the July 2018 letter we received from the Alberta Elections, we believe we have filed a file within the boundary," said Mandel.

Mandel plans to hold a news conference at 2 p.m. Saturday.

Prime Minister Rachel Notley has yet to call a local call. In accordance with the region's established regional electoral regulations, it may Leave the writing for a 28-day campaign at any time between this and the beginning of May.


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