Liberal Democrat reform reform bill will be a law on the last day of parliamentary sitting

Having received royal assent today – the last day of the current parliament is sitting before Christmas – the government's electoral reform bill, C-76, is now a law.

The Trudeau government was sent to C-76 last year. It is restricted for federal election campaigns, and limit the amount of expenditure allowed in the period just before a campaign arrives, working to prevent obstruction from sources and include new rules for regulating third party political activity.

On third parties, the bill would ask them to use a Canadian Canadian bank account to pay expenses related to election. It also restricts their cost of advertising, surveys and other activities related to election to $ 1 million in two months before calling up a election, and to $ 500,000 during the campaign.

Electoral Commissioner, Yves Côté, told the CBC in October that the Parliament had to accept C-76 before December to give powers to it; fighting against foreign and social media in the future federal election, scheduled for October 2019.

"We have reached an important moment now and, for me, I say that if this bill is not approved before December, we will be in a very difficult situation," he said.

Chief Executive Officer, Stéphane Perrault, requested that C-76 had to be carried out in a short order to give it time to take effect during the next election.

Army trade and security of the border

Other bills that have received royal assent today include C-21, introduced by Ralph Goodale Public Safety Minister over two years ago.

The bill implemented an "induction / departure" program to check when Canadians enter and go to; leaving the country – information that has not been collected constantly in the past.

It was also agreed to the C-47 Bill, the Act to Improve the Change and Change Permits Act. The act allows Canada to become involved in the International Arms Trading Agreement – something that the Liberals promised to do so; during the 2015 election campaign.

And C-51 was made a law on Thursday. The Act will abolish the Criminal Code of ancient law, – often referred to as "zombie laws" – and his / her; Clarify its Code when it comes to a sexual aggression law.

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