Liberty Health Sciences responds to the Shortlisted Seller

There are a number of real mistakes and there is a recent report in the Report. As stated in the report's statements, her authors have access to financial benefits by; using Liberty stock. Reservoirs should be careful to depend on the statements in this Report. Liberty makes the allegations that have not been confirmed in the Report very seriously and will provide updates as they do; apply to this case in due course. Liberty is committed to good corporate governance and transparency.

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Liberty is the cannabis provider who is committed to providing reliable, high quality cannabis knowledge based on our real care for cannabis users and focusing on the excellence of seeds for sale and further afield . Liberty's measurement has expanded to bring the best benefits for shareholders, and its. Keeping the best of customers ahead of what we are doing. For more information, visit:

NOTES OF EXECUTIVE ACTS EXPECTING THE RURAL ISSUES: This press release incorporates specific promotional statements within the meaning of relevant trusts laws. Any statements that can be found in this news release that are not statements of a historical factory may be included as statements. Progressive statements are often marked by terms such as "may", "should", "anticipate", "expect", "believe", "plan", "intend" non-negative of those words and similar phrases. Reports that look forward to & # 39; including recognized and unidentified risks, including, without limitation, risks related to general economic conditions; bad events; marketing costs; market losses; future legislative and regulatory developments including medical marijuana; Inappropriate access to enough capital from indoor and external sources, and / or incapacity to get enough capital on favorable terms; the medical marijuana business United States In general, income tax and regulatory issues; Liberty's ability to implement business strategies; competition; crop failure; reducing cash rates and other rates and risks. Readers are warned that the list above is not complete. It is noted that readers are not going to; unreasonably rely on statements on account of the fact that the plans, ambitions or hopes can not be put in place. This information may, although it is considered reasonable by leaders at the time of preparation, proves that it is wrong and that the results are very different from those who were expecting. The statements that are included in this publication are clearly certified by this regional statement.

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