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A state-based state watchman in California has recommended a new fee on text messaging that users will put in and receive daily phones. The incredible amount to build new taxes on causing disturbance and terrorism in the state.

According to the Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in California, text tax funding will be used to help California residents to access telecommunications services.

The CPUC says that its taxation, which would only be 70 cents for every $ 10 in text messaging, will significantly increase the monthly amount paid by consumers in the state. A group, which is responsible for a & # 39; The management of public facilities works in the state, saying that a tax would only be to move some of the costs away from textile services.

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Resident in the district of his town in the town of Leiria, central Portagail © Nacho Doce

However, the Bay District Council is alongside other technological and corporate organizations on raising voices against their & suggestion, saying that the cost of a message would cost $ 44.5 million a year. According to the opponents, the SMS tax may be applied back for as much as five years, and removing approximately $ 220 million.

At the same time, industry representatives said that a state commission does not have legal land to introduce a type tax. It is reported that a wireless industry is working on a plan to stop its step.

"It's a dumb idea," Jim Wunderman, president of the Bay & District Council grant support officer, said. "This is how discussions are happening today and today, and it's almost as saying we should have a tax on our own conversations."

A vote for its proposal was first recorded for this week, but the CPUC said that he was suspended until the next month after receiving a lot of repression.

"In the opinion of consumers, accommodation may have to be rented, as if income comes far from textile services, it would be less necessary than voice services," CPUC spokesman, Constance Gordon, commented.

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