Look at scientists to do and write. try to study a volcano lava


There is an adverse effect on water being imposed in a melted rock.

Douglas Levere / Buffalo University

It is not satisfied with just watching the stuff that it's; From a volcano, researchers at the University of Buffalo have created lava itself – just to watch the explosion.

The research, published on November 10th today in JGR Solid Earth, describes a set of tests made by the team to understand how volcanic, volcanic magnesium is interactive naturally with water. Sometimes when the two forces hit something, nothing happens at all, but sometimes other times, you can blow a huge dragon. The research team wanted to work out why this might happen.

To find out more about this strange interaction, called "fractomagmatic breaking" in natural volcanoes, the furniture crew was built and filled with rocks, and heating up the materials up to about 2,400 Fahrenheit degrees. Once a & # 39; rock, they spilled it in a steel box and then thrown it with water jets.

And then they would wait – and they hope to blast.

The results will talk to themselves:

Sometimes, the weak water interaction would provide intense sparkling activity and other times the water would be used; grow larger without creating a large fraction of any volcano. In addition, sometimes the plunger team had to be used, routed by a normal order, which would encourage a response – and a great explosion.

By changing the height of its steel goat there was a dwarf and the speed of the throwing of water, the researchers could be able to; start with each other that could be & # 39; Promote the complex interaction of waterflakes.

They showed that cooler high-quality steel and injection steaming systems usually responded to the largest explosions – and in four of their six tests, even blasting before the thumbs to let. However, due to the small number of experiments again, researchers are aware that it is only days early.

It is hoped that the exams can provide better tools to predict when or when tobacco screening may occur. However, before making more important decisions about the impression of this unique explosion process in separate volcanoes, the team agrees that more tests are essential.

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